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Retinol is a renowned ingredient that most skincare experts love. Dermatologists and estheticians alike sing its praises for its ability to promote youthful, glowing skin. It can even help with things like dark spots, acne, and fine lines. But retinol isn't just a powerhouse ingredient that's good for your face—it can be used on your body, too. Let's face it: Our body skin can have just as many blemishes, dark spots, and fine lines as our face can. And I, for one, wouldn't mind a solution to keep my skin smooth and polished.

Because retinol can be a strong ingredient, I figured it would be best to call in the experts for advice before incorporating it into my bodycare routine regularly. If you're also curious about trying out a retinol body lotion, keep scrolling. There's more information and products ahead.

The Benefits of Using Retinol in Your Bodycare Routine


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You may think that ingredients like retinol only promote youthful skin on your face, but think again. Board-certified dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD, is here to set you straight. "Just as we use retinols on the face to help regulate skin cell turnover, prevent clogged pores, and improve overall texture and tone of the skin, retinols can be used on the body to have similar benefits. As a vitamin A derivative, it helps to boost collagen production, may help with blemishes and discoloration, can be used for rough and bumpy skin, and may even help with stretch marks," she says.

The good news is that you don't have to wait to start including retinol in your bodycare routine. But it can be particularly helpful if you're experiencing dull or sagging skin. "Though there is no specific right time to start, generally, retinols can be especially helpful as we notice changes in the skin related to loss of collagen and skin cell turnover slowing down, which can be apparent in the 30s," Garshick shares. "That said, you don't have to wait until you see changes to incorporate a retinol. While it can be incorporated at any time, it should be avoided if pregnant or breastfeeding. It can be incorporated if you have specific skincare concerns you are trying to address, such as skin brightening, or to improve the texture of the skin. If your skin is dry or sensitive, it may be best to decrease the frequency, and it's important to always make sure to moisturize the skin regularly. Retinoids can also make you more sensitive to the sun, so it's always important to remember sun protection!"

Applying a retinol body lotion is pretty simple, but Garshick and aesthetic nurse injector Revay Plunkett have a few different takes on how often you should use it. "It can be applied once daily, and it's often recommended to use at night time. If you're sensitive, it may be best to incorporate two to three times per week," says Garshick. Plunkett agrees with a more cautious approach since retinoids can be quite strong. "Every other day or every couple of days is best," she explains. "Your body doesn’t have the same amount of oil glands [as your face]. You don't want to irritate sensitive parts of your body by over-applying a retinoid." If you're now fully intrigued by the idea of adding a retinol body lotion to your routine, keep scrolling for recs from the professionals and a few of my favorites.

1. Paula's Choice Resist Retinol Skin-Smoothing Body Treatment

2. Replenix Retinol Smooth + Tighten Body Lotion

3. Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment

4. Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Body Lotion


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5. Jan Marini CelluliTx Cream

6. Cosmedix A-Lift Overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment

7. Topicals Slather Exfoliating Body Serum With Retinol & AHAs

8. Truly Beauty Resurfacing Body Serum

9. The Glow Fairy Retinol Body Glow Wand


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10. NatureWell Clinical Retinol Advanced Moisture Cream

11. Medix Retinol + Ferulic Acid Body Lotion 

12. Nuventin Retinol Cream 

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