Trust Me—Every Beauty Expert Is Hyped Up About These 17 Perfumes

New season, new scent is an adage I live by, so what better time to switch up your signature scent than at the start of a new year? Like a fresh haircut or a new pair of shoes, a new perfume has the ability to put a spring in your step and boost your mood in a single spritz, which is exactly what we need when heading into October… 

The quest to find a new fragrance is never easy—you never really know quite what you’re looking for until you’ve found it, and while letting loose in a beauty hall may be the best way to shop for perfume and find your new signature scent, it can also be overwhelming, to say the least. 


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To give you some pre-shopping guidance, we asked beauty editors and fragrance insiders to share their predictions for the best perfumes of 2023. From bold oud blends to cosy skin scents, this is what perfume experts will be spritzing into the new year. I’ll go first…

1. Aesop Eidesis

If you’ve read any of my recent fragrance stories, you’ll notice that Aesop’s latest fragrance, Eidesis, features in quite a few of them. I can’t get this scent out of my head, and although I usually like to wear a different fragrance each day, I keep coming back to this one. It’s simultaneously sweet and spicy, which makes it quite unlike anything I’ve ever smelt before, and although it’s super subtle, I always gets compliments when I wear this. I’m predicting that warm, skin scents (like Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 and Phlur Missing Person) will be huge in 2023, and this definitely fits into that trend.

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2. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

"This is a hard one as I’m such a fragrance lover and genuinely wear a different fragrance most days depending on my mood, outfit or the weather, but Maison Francis Baccarat Rouge is my ultimate favourite,” says Grant Donaldson, beauty content creator and fragrance expert. 

"I was introduced to it by a friend years ago, since then my best friend wears it, as does Andrew (my fiancé) so for me it’s the ultimate comfort. It’s like a cuddle in a bottle from those I love the most. It’s an instant smile. I think I’ll be wearing it for as long as they make it. It’s the perfect blend of warm, woody, oriental with a slight sweetness — although I often get a sort of menthol note from it too, which keeps it fresh without it being a typical citrus or linen musk. It’s for a true fragrance lover, someone who appreciates fragrance as an art form and not just because it’s been a viral fragrance made popular by celebs. Fragrance should be personal to you, not because it’s trendy but because it has an emotional attachment. The house of Maison Francis Kurkdjian is so luxurious and that’s reflected in the price. It’s often imitated but nothing comes close to the original.”

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3. Vyrao Georgette Eau de Parfum for Self Love

"My fragrance preferences are pure chaos. On the one hand, I love light, fresh, metallic scents, but on the other hand I also adore dark, spicy, sexy scents that have an air of mystery to them,” reveals Sophia Panych, Head of Beauty Content at Farfetch. "Add to that the fact that I'm a sucker for coconut-y and vanilla-y fragrances in the summer and my perfume collection is all over the place. Vyrao Georgette somehow oddly encompasses all my preferences in one wildly intoxicating scent. It's spicy and smoky thanks to sandalwood, patchouli, and tobacco. There's a sharp, metallic quality courtesy of violet leaf absolute, and there's a touch of vanilla that adds a smooth creaminess. It has a surprisingly airy quality to it, for being such a punchy scent, and gives me a little added chutzpah with every spritz.”

"Georgette is a woody, spicy, floral that errs more on the woody/spicy end of the spectrum than the floral one. It reminds me a lot of the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black (RIP Mary Kate and Ashley's now discontinued range), but it is great for anyone who wants a standout scent that's warm and spicy and woody, and who doesn't mind patchouli, as I know it can be a polarising note. Vyrao is an indie, niche fragrance brand, which I feel is a category of scents people are really paying attention to these days thanks to TikTok discovering unique perfumes like Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge. But Vyrao is also a brand that sees fragrance as a mood booster and wellbeing tool. This trend of "functional fragrance" has really taken off since the start of the pandemic and I think Vyrao does it in such a beautiful and elevated way.”

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4. Miller Harris L’Air de Rien

"I will admit to wearing the same perfume for an embarrassingly long time,” confesses freelance beauty editor, Jenny Brownlees. "I have long loved the light, floral notes of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, and wearing it since my late teens means it holds so much nostalgia. Now in my 30’s – I wanted to switch to a scent that felt more ‘grown-up’. I have fallen for Miller Harris’ L’air de Rien, which will be my signature for 2023. I like the notes of amber, earthy moss, musk and Neroli set off against a warm woodiness. It brings to mind a hint of vintage books, which I love. The fact it was created for the ever-chic Jane Birkin speaks to the Francophile in me, and not to judge a perfume by its bottle – but this is a real beauty.”

"If you like second skin scents with a hint of woodiness, it’s a winner. L’air de Rein translates as "the essence of nothing” and ties into the trend of individuality within fragrance – seen with Glossier’s You and Phlur’s Missing Person. These aren’t overtly bold scents, they often smell different on different people’s skin, and seem to encourage closeness and intimacy. The exclusivity of L’air de Rien is another aspect I enjoy – since it’s limited to annual small batches of production each year, it makes it feel extra-special.” 

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5. Loubirouge by Louboutin

"For me i would have to be Loubirouge by Louboutin. It transports me to the Hollywood set of a cigar lounge or powder room in the 1920s,” says Nicole Koremblum, content creator and TikTok fragrance reviewer. "It’s a blend of beautiful powdery iris and addictive vanilla. Such a perfect signature, all year round scent, and extremely underrated. I'm slowly becoming addicted to iris scents, but I would recommend it to anyone who loves a statement fragrance. It’s not too overpowering but still potent, perfect for anyone who loves iris or a powdery scent with a gourmand touch!”

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6. Experimental Perfume Club Tonka Extraordinaire

"I tend to wear a collection of The Ones, rather than The One,” reveals Alice du Parq, fragrance presenter, expert and host. "Coming into January - which is always so miserable and slow - I will want something cosy and nurturing, so I'll be adding Tonka Extraordinaire by Experimental Perfume Club to my winter scent wardrobe. It's a warm, smudgy blend of tonka bean (a bittersweet kernel that smells like dark chocolate, toffee and liquorice), sesame seed (nutty and toasty), amber (golden and glowy) and iris (buttery and creamy). It's addictive but not sugary, like the soft suede lining of a handbag covered in smeared lipsticks and Nutella. People who love 'gourmand' fragranced but don't want it overly fairground-sweet will love this. 

"My followers are all wanting snuggly, skin-melting, human-touch style fragrances that feel like a cosy maternal hug. I can see this trend really radiating into 2023 with more of those warm-embrace and skin-to-skin scents. They're almost like no-perfume-perfumes, where big obvious floral notes have been replaced with elegant pillowy musks, powdery notes and damp, milky wood aromas.”

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7. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood

"I’m getting married in February, and my chosen wedding scent is Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Oud Satin Mood,” says Hannah English, author and beauty expert. "I’ll want to wear it constantly to remind me of the big day. I’m so excited!”

"It’s loud, it certainly makes an entrance and smells deep and delightful, like a smoky Turkish Delight. The notes are violet (powdery), rose, and vanilla, grounded by the smoothest oud you’ll ever meet. It’s for lovers of vanilla and gourmands. If you like to smell edible but you’re looking to add some depth and richness to your scent wardrobe, you’ll love it. Fragrance is the next skincare, in that it’s growing as a category and we all want to learn more about it. In 2021 and 2022, I took myself a little too seriously and wanted to wear strange, intellectual scents that I didn’t necessarily enjoy. For 2023 I’ve moved past that and like many others, I just want to smell delicious. We’re all more comfortable liking what we like and having fun with it.”

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8. Narciso Rodriguez for Her

"For 2023, I'm going back to one of my old favourites, which is Narciso Rodriguez For Her,” reveals Who What Wear beauty editor, Eleanor Vousden. "I remember reading an interview with Narciso years ago and I knew I had to get my hands this perfume (which was created by Francis Kurkdjian, who is also behind Baccarat Rouge 540). This scent is an ode to musk, which is one of my all-time favourite fragrance notes. It's warm, skin-like and lingers on the skin all day— you only need one spritz of this and you'll smell it on your scarf or jumper all day. With the popularity of Phlur's Missing Person in 2022, it has put musk back into the spotlight.”

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9. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Belle Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense

"My 2023 signature scent will be Jean Paul Gaultier Le Belle Le Parfum eau de Parfum Intense. I believe perfume should be alluring, mysterious, and bewitching. This perfume does just that,” begins Irene Wainman, TikTok fragrance influencer. "This spellbinding perfume smells of amber, vanilla, tonka, and jasmine. It's long lasting and the initial blast of sweetness muddles down to a lingering heavenly scent. This perfume falls into the same category as my signature scents like Tom Ford's Rose Prick, Lancome's La Nuit Tresor, and Tom Ford's Noir Pour Femme. All of which have spicy, syurpy, incense-like notes. If you're looking for an office friendly, non offensive perfume, this is not your category, but I would recommend this perfume to anyone who wants a new take on a sweet perfume. 

"It’s the perfect mix of a sweet, innocent girl next door, and an absolute vixen. For all of my vanilla lovers out there, this is a seductive warm take on vanilla. I’ve noticed that the trend went from floral, flirty, light perfumes to more intense, deep, and complex notes. I love that people are venturing away from the typical rose and bergamot perfumes and instead pairing their rose with notes like saffron and cedar. There is a new mix of perfumes embodying both masculine notes as well as feminine ones. A vanilla perfume always smells beautiful, but pair vanilla with black pepper, patchouli, or woods and you’re in for a treat. Let your nose take you through adventures of decadence and vice.”

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10. Xerjoff La Capitale

"I could never pick one, and with a signature scent, I’m unable to enjoy my fragrance wardrobe, so instead, I prefer the idea of signature notes, which will always meander around oud, sandalwood and vanilla,” explains Nateisha Scott, deputy beauty editor at Harrods. "For that blend alone, I imagine I’ll be heavily rotating Xerjoff’s La Capitale, Guerlain’s Oud Nude, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Oud Satin Mood. All three are rich and warm yet sweet and sophisticated."

"Those that adore sweet and mature fragrances, and those that want to be complimented and stopped in the street will love these. Plus, woody scents are finding a new meaning for their ties to nature and nostalgia. They act as a sense of comfort.”

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11. Sana Jardin Tiger by Her Side

"My 2023 signature scent will be Sana Jardin, Tiger By Her Side,” says freelance beauty writer, Kelle Salle. "I tried her Discovery Set recently, and it was the scent that I liked the most because it’s strong, subtle and mood lifting. I feel like I can do anything when I wear it. It’s warm, sensual and long-lasting - I would recommend it to those who like sweet perfumes that aren’t overpowering, but also those who are looking for a fragrance that will make them feel confident and powerful. Sustainability is a huge trend for 2023, and it’s something Sana Jardin pride themselves on - since launching in 2017, their packaging waste has reduced by 63%.”

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12. Arabian Oud Sehr Al Kalemat 

"I wanted to share some information about my background as it has shaped the fragrance lover that I am today. I was born and raised in Italy, in a town just outside of Venice. For the past 11 years, I have lived in London, Dubai and now LA. Throughout my time in London and Dubai, I travelled extensively to different parts of the world,” explains Elena Menegaldo, fragrance personal shopper and content creator. "My true passion for fragrances started in Dubai, the moment I stepped off the plane! The very first thing you experience in the airport is a very distinctive smell, the bakhoor in the air mixed with every other scent you can imagine! It's an irresistible cocktail.”

"Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE – they all carry beautiful Arabian scents that are part of the culture and heritage of the region. For 2023, I have chosen an Arabian fragrance as my signature scent. It is my absolute favorite: Sehr Al Kalemat by Arabian Oud. This scent will be with me forever. It’s an addictive, enchanting, heavenly warm amber, with smoky brown sugar vanilla and oud - a combination made in heaven. To me, this fragrance is a masterpiece. Rich and dark, it has an incredible projection and longevity, surely a beast mode scent and absolutely unisex. This is not the classic type of scent, it is definitely suited for adventurous types, those who are not afraid to experiment and are not faint-hearted. You have to love woody and amber tones and a hint of animalic scents.”

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13. Ruth Mastenbroek Dagian

"My Dagian fragrance is such a hopeful fragrance, with its bright citrus top notes and heart of orange blossom,” says master perfumer, Ruth Mastenbroek. "After the turmoil of the last few years, I am glad to surround myself with its clear, transparent notes that make me feel honest and calm. It inspired memories of a golden holiday, sipping a mojito while dipping my toes in the warm sand on an island beach. I am looking out at the sun rising, full of hope for the day ahead. Lime and grapefruit combine with mint and a dash of rum in the top, merging into orange blossom and jasmine, while amber notes and sultry sandalwood linger in the background. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Aqua di Parma, and generally anyone who wears cologne type or fresh floral fragrances, with fresh, citrus top notes and light floral notes on amber base notes.”

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14. To the Fairest Order Cosmique

"To The Fairest Ordre Cosmique is a perfume I discovered this year and I've been spritz happy ever since I got my hands on it” says Tori Crowther, freelance beauty editor. It's a small-batch, independent British brand that I think is truly special. This scent (and the brand's other scent Cécile) is definitely one I'm going to be raving about and wearing well into 2023. With top notes of cardamom and bergamot, a heart note of cinnamon, and base notes of cacao pod and musk, it's definitely a woody, traditionally masculine fragrance with a crisp freshness.”

"I'd recommend this to those who gravitate towards the deeper woody, less floral scents. It also comes in a body oil (which, when paired with the fragrance, gives the scent amazing lasting power) and a candle — for those who become truly dedicated to signature scent. What’s more, being able to share it with my boyfriend has been really nice. It's a traditionally "masculine" scent and one that we both adore. We rarely share fragrances so this one feels special.”

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15. Blocki Sanrovia

"My signature scent heading into 2023 is a no-brainer. It has to be Sanrovia from a brand called Blocki, which is one of the frag community’s best-kept secrets,” reveals TikTok fragrance content creator, Emelia O’Toole. "Blocki was founded in 1865 by John Blocki and ran until 1950. He was a pioneer of American perfumery—he used to preserve real flowers in bottles of his perfume! In 2015, the Blocki family decided to revamp some of the original scents, added a few new smells to the lineup, and relaunched to the public.”

"All of the scents from this line are truly masterpieces of perfumery, but Sanrovia stopped me dead in my tracks upon first sniff. I bought this back in October and have worn it nearly every day since—it’s that good. Featuring a citrusy triad of lemon, orange, and bergamot at the top, a floral heart of geranium, lavender, jasmine, and rose, and a sweet, balsamic woody base known as a Bois Doux, Sanrovia is really a once-in-twenty-lifetimes scent. I like to describe it as a London fog on a hike in the woods: the bergamot and lavender give it a stunning aromatic, almost sharp, tea-like quality, while the woody base gives it this complex sweetness, depth, and warmth.”

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16. Ruth Mastenbroek Oxford

"My go to scent in 2023 will be the Ruth Mastenbroek Oxford fragrance, because of it’s perfect mix of fresh and sweet notes that revitalise and ground me at the same time,” says perfumer Nic Mastenbroek. "It’s like a walk in an exotic garden after a downpour of rain. It has this lovely mixture of freshness and energy which comes especially from the bergamot and basil, and this sultry elegance from the vanilla and amber. It screams sophistication while being deeply personal and refreshing. Try it if you are looking for something off the beaten track, like products made entirely in the UK (which is rare!), and if you love green, herbaceous and ambery fragrances.”

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17. BVLGARI Le Gemme Imperiali Desiria Eau De Parfum 

"This year, I've tried to challenge myself more when it comes to fragrance", says contributorAta-Owaji Victor. "I've loved wearing and exploring multi-layered scent journeys like the BVLGARI's Allegra collection but now I am steering away from my usual deep musks and towards more complex versions of florals as displayed in this scent. In autumn I always find myself feeling connected to a lighter scent that balances out the introduction of coats and jumpers into my wardrobe."

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