These Perfume Subscriptions Are the Key to Building the Chicest Scent Wardrobe


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I am the type of person who likes to match my fragrance to my mood. I change it up constantly—one day, I'll be wearing something dark, gourmand, and moody, and the next, I'll opt for something bright, floral, and light. Because of my inclination to swap scents, I have a massive perfume collection. 

If I actually bought all the full-sized bottles of perfume that I wear, my bank account would be in the negatives. That's where perfume subscriptions come in. If you, like me, want to have options (or just try new perfume on a budget!) a perfume subscription might be the right move for you. Luckily, there's a perfume subscription tailored to every need, whether you're looking to build a solid foundation of scents or want to try as many different perfumes as you can. Keep reading for our favorite options on the market. 



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Price: $16.95/month

Scentbird's selection is packed with luxury fragrance brands like Tom Ford, Parfums de Marly, D.S. & Durga, and more. Each month, you'll pick a scent from Scentbird's extensive library that you'd like to try. From there, Scentbird will send you an 8 mL bottle of the scent of your choosing, which has just enough sprays to last you until the next month. 

Pros: Wide variety of brands, you get to pick your own fragrance

Cons: Premium scents cost extra, only one fragrance per month

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Luxury Scent Box


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Price: $15.95/month

One of the best parts about Luxury Scent Box is that they have a fragrance survey that was developed by specialists. That makes it the perfect option to find scents that will fit your exact needs, so it's perfect for perfume novices and frag heads alike. Once you're a member, you'll be sent a 9 mL bottle of the scent of your choosing every month. 

Pros: Wide variety of brands, good amount of product for price, you get to pick your fragrance

Cons: Premium scents cost extra, only one fragrance per month

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Skylar Scent Club


Price: $20/month

If you ask any beauty editor for their favorite clean perfume brands, chances are, Skylar will be near the top of their list. Every month, you can choose a limited edition rollerball, or choose from Skylar's other rollerballs. Each rollerball is 10 mL, so you get quite a bit of fragrance to use. You can customize each monthly shipment depending on what you want, and you also get perks like points and 20 percent off other Skylar products. 

Pros: Good amount of product for price, you get to pick your fragrance

Cons: Only one brand available, only one fragrance per month

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Price: $19/month+

Olfactif is packed with ultra-niche fragrances, so this subscription is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to wear the same fragrance everyone else is wearing. You can choose to get either three or six fragrances per month, and each bottle has 2 mL of fragrance in it. 

Pros: Good amount of product for price, you get to pick your fragrance

Cons: Only one brand available, only one fragrance per month

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Price: $16.95+

Scentbox lets you choose one designer fragrance every month. They have tons of different perfumes from top brands like Georgio Armani, Guerlain, and Byredo. There are three different tiered subscription options available, and you can choose to get up to three scents per month. The base level subscription gives you access to over 600 designer scents, while the highest level gives you access to over 1,000. Each fragrance comes in an 8 mL bottle. 

Pros: You get to pick your fragrance, wide variety of perfumes available, many different subscription options

Cons: Premium scents cost extra

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