Everyone's Favorite Hair-Health Brand Is Now at Sephora—Here's What I'm Eyeing

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If you're on Instagram, then you've probably heard about Nutrafol. I've seen dozens of friends and beauty insiders share their success stories with this brand, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling particularly influenced. I mean, I want fuller, longer, and healthier hair (who doesn't?), but it wasn't until I researched Nutrafol a little more that I became really impressed.

There are tons of factors that can impact hair health—not just the dreaded dry heat in the winter and humidity in the summer. Lifestyle factors such as hormones, nutrition, stress, aging, and metabolism can all affect our hair, but Nutrafol has really simplified the hair-growth game by creating a line of salon-quality haircare products and nutraceuticals (aka natural, science-backed supplements that promote hair health from the inside out) to support visibly thicker, healthier hair. There are five personalized formulas for faster hair growth: Women for women ages 18 to 44, Women's Balance for women ages 45 and older, Postpartum for new mothers, Women's Vegan for the plant-based ladies, and even Men (because guys deserve to have great hair, too).

Intrigued? Keep scrolling to shop nine products from Nutrafol (which also just launched at Sephora).

Emma Walsh
Associate Beauty Editor, Branded Content

Emma is an associate beauty editor of branded content. She’s a passionate writer who loves all things beauty, wellness, and personal growth. Before pursuing writing, she worked in influencer marketing at Gallery Media Group, which owns digital brand PureWow. She lives in New York City, where you can usually find her running to a Pilates class or sipping on a green juice in the park.