I'm a Minidress Enthusiast—Here Are 23 I Have on My Wish List

While I'm not a particularly religious person, I do wholeheartedly believe in the power of the fashion gods. After all, what else could explain the miracle of instances like finding the perfect dress that fits like a glove and just happens to be on sale? Or the last pair of shoes in your size, just as you're about to give up hope? Call it what you want (just a coincidence, perhaps?), but there are fashion miracles happening all the time.

Personally, I find discovering a new wardrobe hero item to be a little miracle in and of itself. And over the last few summers, I have been lucky enough to find a hero minidress that's become a beloved wear-everywhere staple. Two summers ago, it was a tie-front gingham number, and last year, it was a yellow linen minidress from Aussie label Bec + Bridge. (I scored it on sale, and my size just so happened to be the only one left. Tell me that isn't fate!) 

Of course, this year, I'm hoping to find minidress success once again but have decided to take matters into my own hands, adding some extra research to the agenda. I've scoured countless websites and narrowed my search down to 23 wish list–topping styles. Between backless minisembroidered options and enviable floral printed pieces, I have to say it won't be an easy decision. 

Luckily, I'm willing to share my knowledge so all this research will not have been for nothing. Keep scrolling for 23 minidresses I have my eye on this summer. 

Hero minidresses of summers passed: 


(Image credit: @zoepopi)

Style Notes: Made in a breathable linen fabric and a summer-friendly pastel yellow hue, this dress was at the top of my rotation last summer thanks to Aussie label Bec + Bridge. 


(Image credit: @zoepopi)

Style Notes: I found this gingham mini in a little boutique in Australia and wore it over and over and over again with sneakers, flat sandals and the occasional summery heels. 


(Image credit: @zoepopi)

Style Notes: I love a backless minidress, particularly when on a European vacation. There's something so undeniably summery about it. This green style has worn very well over the last few years.

Shop the minidresses at the top of my wish list: 

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