Prepare to Obsess Over This $65 Instant Outfit From Zara

Knitted matching sets became my new favorite thing last autumn. Pre-styled enough to feel considered and more directional than a mere winter dress, but essentially matchy and therefore easy to throw on, a matching set is coziness combined with being pulled together. These combinations always look sophisticated (just make sure they aren't too clingy and tight), yet they couldn't be simpler to grab out of your wardrobe each morning.

So it's perhaps no surprise that at the earliest sign of spring, one particular set has already been trending. A metallic-looking, marl-knit gray tank and midi from Zara has been worn out and about by both Monikh and Rachael of Bubbly Aquarius. We should have seen it coming, after all, Monikh did give us the heads-up that this was on her shopping list for 2019.

Depending on how brave you are, it has to be said that knitted co-ords do look best with bare legs. With the addition of weather-appropriate footwear, depending on the day, and making a call on whether you want a coat or layering, these twosomes can be used in many a cool or warm combination.

Keep scrolling to see how this one Zara combination is being worn, shop it, and then see some of our other knitted co-ord favorites for spring 2019.

See and shop Zara's knitted co-ord

Best knitted co-ords: Monki in a marl vest and skirt from Zara



Monikh's combined her new co-ords with old trusty accessories—Chanel "ugly" sandals, a shell anklet, and basket bag.

Up close, you can see the metallic flecks on this knit, which along with the buttons make it seem far more expensive.

In full summer mode already, Rachael has worn hers with slides and a little polka-dot bag.

See and shop more of our favourite knitted co-ords

Best knitted co-ords: Emili in a Chanel white and blue cardigan and mini



For the Chanel show in Paris, Emili opted for a matchy-matchy cardigan and mini from the Parisian fashion house.

Your pieces don't have to match in their knit (zoom in on Beatrice to see the difference between her skirt and jumper), but it is nice to match in color for the ultimate super-rich look.

Best knitted co-ords: Eni in a camel skirt and jumper from Zara



Eni found this co-ord from Zara a while back. It's definitely a trend the brand is heavily invested in.

Ellie's soft-pink turtleneck and tube skirt are effortless. What's more is that they're from H&M.

Best knitted co-ords: Nicole Ocran in a teal co-ord from Monki



Not all co-ords are in neutral shades. Nicole's teal number is from Monki.

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