I've Swapped My Love of Shoes for Jigsaw Puzzles, and These Are My Faves

When I posted a picture on Instagram this week of a 1000-piece completed jigsaw adorned with shells, I received a stream of questions asking me where I bought it from—a reaction I've never had to any pair of shoes or dresses. It is undoubtedly my most-liked picture of the year, making me question whether I should be writing about jigsaws as well as fashion. So I scoured the internet to find the prettiest jigsaws around, and I have turned into a puzzle editor for the day.

John Lewis is where I bought my latest jigsaw puzzle from, and the retailer also has some other uplifting prints including a Frida Kahlo jigsaw and an abstract poolside vista. Alexa Chung has opted for a more classic Monet print jigsaw, and if you'd like something more high-brow, I've found plenty of Monets and Van Goughs too.


So if you're looking to reduce your screen time or find a new hobby to pass the time indoors, keep scrolling for the prettiest jigsaw puzzles I've found to buy online.

Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

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Emma Spedding