This Anti-Sexy Underwear Trend Is Taking Over

One of the things we can all unanimously agree on in 2020 is that comfort is king. From matching sweat sets to cozy knitwear to our new WFH uniforms, everyone is prioritizing comfort over everything right now. So it's really no surprise that this mindset has translated to the underwear department. Fashion girls are trading in their fancy lingerie and lacy pieces for something a bit less sexy (but infinitely more comfortable): Full coverage underwear. 

Now I'm not saying that full-coverage underwear can't be sexy—I've actually noticed quite a few brands making full coverage look extremely cool—it's just that it historically hasn't fallen into that category. But through the 2020 lens, where we're all spending more time at home and being more intentional with how we spend our energy, full coverage is where it's at. From sleek high-waisted styles to comfy ribbed pairs to fun prints, full-coverage underwear is having a major renaissance. Keep reading to shop the 16 best pairs plus see how fashion girls are staying cozy in theirs right now. 

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The underwear trend taking over 2020



I own these and can vouch they are beyond comfortable. 

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This seamless design provides optimal comfort.

The ribbed texture is extra comfy.

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There's a reason everyone is obsessed with Skims. 

The best full-coverage underwear