44 Items I've Sent to My Friends This Month With a Text Saying, "You're Welcome"

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I took a bit of a shopping hiatus over the summer, during which time I had a strict policy of promptly deleting all incoming emails from my favorite brands and retailers. But I have to admit: I am back. The floodgates reopened over Labor Day weekend when I relented to "briefly" browse the Mango sale, and then the onset of chillier New York weather has meant I've really let myself deep-dive into the best of what the internet has to offer.

Maybe it's the sugar rush of letting myself browse again—or maybe it's the freshness of a new season?—but it really does seem like there's currently a heck of a lot of good things to tempt my itchy fingers. Because I'm still being commendably thrifty, I've taken it upon myself to bombard friends and co-workers with all my best buys. It seemed rude not to also share them here for your benefit, so here you go. Happy browsing, and be sure to DM me any particularly good fashion, beauty, or home items you discover. I'm always here to share random cool things.

I spent quite a lot of time as a fourteen-year-old trying to persuade my mother that my life would be better if only I owned a pair of Dickie's shorts. Feel the same way about these trousers, TBH.

Sent to my friend who was on the hunt for a cool little engagement present.

Proof that accessories with big gold-chain details are not, I repeat are not, limited to Bottega Veneta handbags.

A chunky gold necklace also achieves the vibe.

Okay, one more, but only because I feel strongly about this.

It's been way too long since I've had jet lag, but you better believe I still recommend Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask. 

My answer to "How does one keep one's knit tucked in just so?"

H&M homewares punching above their pricetags.

I broke my fashion fast with the black version of these in the aforementioned Mango sale, but the more I look at the brown pair, the more I'm experiencing mild FOMO. Long story short, I have been rallying friends who live nearby to snap these up so we can sharesies.

My sister has super-sensitive skin and is always on the hunt for gentle, unscented products, so I'm always sending them to her. This body wash by Nécessaire is currently in my shower and is formulated to be non-irritating. You can go fragrance-free, but let it be said that I'm a huge fan of this sandalwood scent (with the eucalyptus coming in a close second).

I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention that Alighieri and Nanuska (two of my most favorite brands) have a new jewelry collaboration. These earrings definitely deserve your attention.

I have this friend who works at Free People, and she also has a habit of sending links to things she claims I "definitely need." Anyway, she sent me a link to this shacket a couple of weeks ago, and she wasn't wrong.

This timeless black-leather bag is basically the definition of French-girl style (which makes sense, coming from a Parisian brand).

Sent this to everyone I know who has also been rewatching Schitt's Creek from the beginning (and high-fived a million angels when it swept the Emmy's). Let me tell you: David Rose's fashion sense has really grown on me.

Another sweater as proof that this is a real trend, and I will not respond to DMs telling me any different. Thank you.

Sent to a friend who, like me, is strictly into gold hardware and can't remember the last time she wore heels. (These do, actually, also come in a very chic heeled version—something I'm open to revisiting in 2021.)

Also got distracted by these, from way at the other end of the Bally style spectrum.

My friend has a cool thing with his family where, on special occasions, they'll pool their funds to buy a big present instead of each going at it solo. I sent him this as a gift idea for his sister's 30th, knowing she is very much part of the Gucci gang (and that he'd only have to pay for a sixth of it).

Another chic throw, should there be fewer people splitting the cost.

I spied my friend's French-girl style crush Sabina Socol using this cordless(!) straightener in a cute little French garden on her Instagram Stories a while back. It promises half the damage of your average straightener, and I'm a Dyson fan in general (have I told you about my vacuum? I will), so I have zero qualms even though it's a bit spendy.

If there were ever a look that perfectly captured 2020, this would be it. Dress-up-able (yes, that's a word) sweat pants definitely remain a top recommendation for fall.

Never not looking for really good denim. These were part of my argument that a) going lighter with your denim is a slick move for winter, and b) Agolde jeans aren't the only jeans in the world worth buying.

… But also, yes, Agolde jeans are very good.

Let's also just take a moment for these particularly good flares.

Okay, saddle up because I recently got into quite a lengthy chat about how many good matching loungewear sets are out there at the moment. Let's start with this one I spotted on Amazon when I was meant to be reordering a huge bag of dog kibble.

So here's an extremely unpopular opinion: I have zero interest in the Kardashians, which means I'm a late convert to Skims. However, as someone who has been wondering what to do about my love of bike shorts once things get chilly, I was very pleased to discover this cozy little situation. Unsurprisingly, these come in a great range of neutral tones, with sizing from XXS to 5X.

Big fan of interesting gum soles, and I'll tell anyone who'll listen.

It's okay to not know exactly what it is. It will still look great on your dresser.

Don't sleep on & Other Stories for extremely cute beanies in extremely cute colors.

We editors talk about how good Amazon's rib knits are on the daily. I sent this to another editor saying this skirt is basically going to be everyone's WFH outfit for the foreseeable future, and her response was, and I quote, "Duh."

One of my fellow editors is always into the latest buzzy vegan things—Kin's alcohol-free, mood-lifting drinks (made from herbs that help manage stress and other clever, plant-based things) seemed like they'd be her new cup of tea.

I am here to preach the gospel of fleece-lined leggings to the unconverted. These ones are from Amazon, and they're especially luxe in this oatmeal colorway, but I recommend snapping up the black and grey pairs as well.

We have established that fringe is a thing this season, yes?

I'd argue that, like so many of us, this top was inspired by our girl RBG.

I sent it to my friend because it's aluminum-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, but I really just buy it because it smells like summer in Italy.

This one is meant to be good as well, and TBH, I could do with a hug after suffering through the debate last night.

Speaking of needing a hug, this seems like a read we could all do with right now. It's about applying mindfulness and kindness to everything you do, in order to bring greater feelings of calm, joy, and possibility (i.e. three feelings I didn't experience during the debate). If you fancy a little taster, spend a few minutes watching the author's TED Talk—it's been viewed almost two million times. I've been sharing with everyone who needs a little 2020 pick-me-up.

Just a really, really, really good racerback tank that's my go-to to suggest every time someone comes looking for one. Beyond perfect under blazers and cardigans. (It also comes in black.)

Definitely wear the aforementioned tank with these pants, which are even cooler when you find out they're made from recycled leather. Sent this entire look to my friend who is a low-key rocker at heart and has always dressed with that Erin Wasson vibe (or that Lenny Kravitz vibe, depending on who you ask).

Sent to my friend who is completely obsessed with Diptyque's Baies candle scent but is really running out of things to do with those little glass jars. Just add the diffuser scent of your choice.