20 Cropped Trousers That Will Totally Transform Your Summer Look

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July has arrived, and our wardrobes are starting to feel the weight of a midsummer slump. While we’re still excited about all the looks we planned during the colder months, we are looking to refresh our warm weather go-tos. Lucky for us, outfit inspiration is just around the corner—and it’s as simple as raising your hemlines a few inches.

One of the most elegant pant shapes out there is the cropped trouser. While we’re partial to the ankle-cropped look, lengths run the gamut from mid-calf and lower. Give those floor-grazing trousers a rest and lighten your load this summer by seeking shorter styles instead. By exposing your ankles, you’ll not only show off that tan you’ve been building, but you’ll also get to put your favorite shoes (heels or flats!) on full display. And why hide those statement-making kicks?

We’ve been trying out the trend with denim for a few seasons now, and it’s time to fully embrace the tailored trouser look in the same silhouette. We’re keeping it classic with black, going bold with colorful florals, and are opting for a pinstripe-and-textured weave in the middle for all those fashion lovers who aren’t yet ready to jump into the bright and statement-making prints head-first. Shop all that and more below—you might never look back.

Available in sizes 12 to 24.

Available in French sizes 34 to 44.

It’s time to raise that hemline with these chic cropped trousers for summer.

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