I Just Realised Everything I've Bought in the Last Month Is Brown—But Why?

The fashion rule of thumb is that trends come and go, but on Sunday night as I was organising my outfits for the week, I noticed a common thread. All the things I've bought recently are chocolate brown. It's a colour I haven't given much thought to in recent years, but back as a teenager, it was my go-to. I lived in a pair of brown flared cords (it was the early '00s if that makes sense?), and had a velvet brown bomber jacket on high rotation. I should note, I often wore these pieces together, which isn't how I'm incorporating the colour into my wardrobe today.

The recent chocolate brown additions aren't anything like what I wore in my past. The pieces are all soft, delicate silks, and work as layering pieces rather than the 'main event', or they're accessories. I realised, as I was putting my outfits together, that I'm wearing brown as a new neutral. Where I'd normally go for white/black/grey, I'm adding brown as an additional base to my look.

Keep scrolling to shop the pieces I recently added to my wardrobe.

I've been wearing this tucked into blue high waisted jeans.

Black bag? What black bag? I'm all about the brown.

So I'm wearing this two ways, either as a dress or open as a trench.

Well everyone else is wearing these in black... 

Opening image: Collage Vintage

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