These Are the 15 Fragrances to Embrace This Fall

Don’t get me wrong. I am a summer baby through and through. I like the heat, I like floaty clothes, I like sun-kissed strands, I like freckled noses, and I really like the pared-backed beauty routine that so often comes with summer months. For the most part, I’m willing to say that I sort of loathe waving goodbye to summer.

That is, except when it comes to my fragrance collection. It sounds like an odd thing to say, I know, but the one thing that gets me really excited for autumn is surrounding myself with the seasonal scents. I’m an inherently cozy (read: lazy) person, and something about being snuggled up warm inside, enveloped by creamy, spicy scents makes my typically sun-drenched heart feel a little bit giddy.

Because for me, fragrance is life. I surround myself with scents everywhere I go, and I like them strong. When I spray perfume, I want everyone to tell me I smell great. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that being remembered for smelling good is somewhat of a life goal for me. And fall is when my fragrance game really comes into its own.

There are few things better than nuzzling your nose into a great fall scent, whether it's warm vanilla, creamy musk, smoky wood, or earthy floral. And so, as the late-evening sun sets on the zingy citruses and fresh florals of summer, it’s time to swaddle ourselves in knitted sweaters and cozy up with the aromas of autumn.

Not sure where to start? Keep scrolling for the very best autumn fragrances out there.

1. Miller Harris Oud Éclat

This bottle of sheer beauty is without question the most exquisite perfume I have ever come across. In all of my years as a beauty journalist, I have never smelled a fragrance as beautiful as this. Even if you don’t like warm, oud-y fragrances, I refuse to accept any notion that disputes Oud Éclat’s perfection. It’s creamy, musky, and earthy with a hint of spicy sweetness that has you melting into your wrist with every sniff.

2. Ex Nihilo Honoré Delights Spray

Like warm bread and just-baked pain au raisins, Honoré Delights embodies all of the chic luxuries of stepping foot into a Parisian boulangerie or pâtisserie without any of the sickly sweetness. It’s sophisticated, mature, and unarguably crowd-pleasing. I’m yet to find a soul who doesn’t go back to this one for a second sniff.

3. Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Cologne

While the zingy fruitiness of pear might traditionally be considered a lightweight note fit for spring, Jo Malone’s classic English Pear & Freesia has a way of calling out to you on crisp fall days. It’s fresh, yes, but the woody base gives it a quintessential Englishness that makes it fit for cold October mornings.

4. Escentric Molecules Molecule + Iris Eau de Toilette

If you are yet to experience the joy of smelling iris, I urge you to give it a go. It’s renowned as one of the most expensive notes in perfumery and is incredibly hard to extract and formulate with. However, when you find a perfume that gets it right, it’s impossible to ignore. It’s soapy but comforting, crisp but deep, and leaves the nose asking a multitude of questions. This EDT combines the distinctive joys of iris with the iconic velvety notes of Molecule 01—like a garden full of blooms experiencing the first-morning dew of the year.

5. Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum 

You might think you’re already familiar with Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, but you’d be wrong. The iconic Miss Dior franchise has a new addition, and it’s a classic in the making. It’s floral and undeniably fresh, but deep powdery notes and hints of woodiness make it the perfect autumnal spritz.

6. Aēsop Miraceti Eau de Parfum

Deep, woody, and spicy, this new scent from Aēsop is like fall in a bottle. Even if you’re not a particular fan of powerful and warm fragrances, this juice has a zingy hint of pepper and musk that gives it a freshness like few others. It’s a feast for the senses.

7. Aerin Ambrette de Noir Eau de Parfum

Ambrette, tonka absolute, vanilla bourbon, and jasmine twirl together to create one of the most deliciously warm and comforting scents I have ever experienced. It’s head-turning and not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re a fan of statement fragrances, consider this small bottle of beauty a lifelong friend.

8. Molton Brown Neon Amber Eau de Parfum

If you ask me, no scents embody autumn quite like amber and tonka. Deep, rich, creamy, and warm, they linger on the skin like a comforting hug. However, combined with the zesty freshness of bergamot and citrus, this scent meets virtually everyone’s autumn fragrance needs.

9. Maison Margiela By the Fireplace Eau de Toilette

While you might not have the fire on just yet, this woody perfume has a citrusy sweetness to it that makes it crisp and light enough to wear before winter really kicks in. It’s fresh, nostalgic, and encompasses everything great about fall days.

10. Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum

True to its name, it really is virtually impossible to describe this ever-changing scent. It’s sharp and sweet but woody and warm all at once. Among the swirling sea of aromas, one thing is for sure: It’s undeniably comforting.

11. Penhaligon's Heartless Helen

The floral but powdery smell of tuberose hits you first with Heartless Helen, but the dry-down is orangey and woody. It’s fresh and light without having that creamy sweetness that summer scents typically embody. Instead, I reach for this on cold, crisp days when the sun is beating down on the just-turning trees.

12. The Nue Co. Forest Lungs

Like fall walks in a bottle, this stuff is undoubtedly earthy and fresh and works to de-stress the mind with every spritz. Think vetiver, cedarwood, and pine that mingle together to open up the senses and the mind.

13. Diptyque Orphéon Eau de Parfum

No one does autumnal scents quite like Diptyque, and this latest addition has slowly become one of my favorite perfumes of all time. Blended as an ode to the Parisian bar, Orphéon is powdery, smoky, and totally irresistible.

14. Beauty Pie Mandarin Leaf, White Cedar & Freesia

Musk is one of my all-time favorite notes for fall, and this stuff has totally reinvented the wheel. It’s fresh and clean in the way traditionally masculine scents are but has an earthy tone to it that is reminiscent of autumnal downpours.

15. Jo Loves Red Truffle 21

With fig, juniper, and pine, the fragrance combines all of the cool, earthy notes of autumn and blends them together to create a delectably warm, morish scent.

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