I Just Asked a Skin Expert How to Choose an Anti-Ageing Eye Cream That Works

First things first: Here at Who What Wear UK, we are firm believers in the joys of ageing. After all, what a privilege it is to have lived a life full of fun and to have the laughter lines to prove it? However, despite being downright dubious about a lot of the promises that certain anti-ageing products make, we're also well aware that there's no shame in wanting to keep your skin looking its best for as long as possible. And, for me personally, that means investing in a decent eye cream. Yes, despite my scepticism about the efficacy of eye creams while I was in my 20s, now that I'm in my early 30s and starting to see the first flurry of fine lines and long-lasting dark circles, I'm starting to notice a marked difference between the days that I use eye cream and those that I skip it.

But when it comes to choosing an eye cream that will target those classic signs of ageing, what should we actually be looking out for? To help, I called on Ewoma Ukeleghe, a medical and cosmetic doctor and clinical expert in skincare and non-surgical enhancement, for some expert advice. 


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Ahead, Dr. Ewoma fills me in on the best anti-ageing eye creams on the market and spills the beans on the ingredients that we should be looking out for and when exactly we should start using an anti-ageing eye cream. Keep scrolling for the full low-down.

When should we start using an anti-ageing eye cream?


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"I'm in my late 20s, but I've taken a head start on my anti-ageing routine—that's the best and most effective approach," explains Dr. Ewoma. "Although there's no set age to start using eye creams, and it does depend on the current quality of your skin and other factors, I would recommend considering using one from the age of 25, as this coincides with decreasing collagen levels within the skin."

What skin changes should we look out for as we age?


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"There are a few skin changes that take place with age," says Dr. Ewoma. "Fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and dehydration, thinning of the skin around the eye and puffiness, because as we age, fat pads around the eye begin to protrude out of their original position. Hyperpigmentation can also occur, but increased sun exposure and changing hormones can also affect this."

It sounds like a long list, right? But by choosing the right ingredients in your eye cream, you can genuinely help to target any of these skin concerns that might be bothering you right now. And if you're not worried in the slightest? We totally salute you.

Which ingredients are key to choosing an effective anti-ageing eye cream?


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"There are a few holy-grail anti-ageing ingredients, but for some of them, you need to be really careful when applying them to the delicate eye area," explains Dr. Ewoma. "Retinoids are a really powerful anti-ageing ingredient and are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Peptides are brilliant too, as they support the building blocks of the skin—elastin and collagen—which deplete with age."

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