These 3 Ankle-Boot Styles Feel Trendy But Are Actually Timeless


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Lean in a little closer. I have a secret to share: I've been rinsing and repeating the same pair of black Chloé ankle boots for seven years now, and I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon. They’re my emotional support boots. Facing a long day on set? The boots are packed. Need a little height boost but not feeling a heel? She’s strapping on the boots. Going on vacation? They’ll go with everything (save for a bikini). I've had them re-soled once or twice, but beyond that, they look and feel as good as new. They’ve practically paid for themselves at this point!

A good ankle boot is like the Swiss Army knife of fashion. A sleek leather pair will instantly dress up jeans, while a more rugged style will add edge to a frilly dress. They’re also a great transition piece between seasons, when their knee-high cousins are getting stowed away. But with so many styles to choose from, which ones will stand the test of time like my faithful Chloé pair? 

Truth be told, I didn’t anticipate them lasting as long as they did. Certain styles may feel trendy in the moment but in reality will last you several seasons. Lucky for you, I’ve lassoed a roundup of foolproof pairs to fill that ankle-boot gap in your closet (and heart).


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These days, it seems like you can't swing a saloon door without bumping into a tassel, fringe, or steel toe accent, and for good reason. With its sleek pointed toe, a Western boot adds just the right splash of panache to an otherwise tame outfit. Besides, this Texas girl is giving you the go ahead to go wild (Wild West!) 


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Stacked Heel

If you're, ahem, vertically challenged like yours truly, then a stacked-heel ankle boot can be your best friend. I like switching it up between a sculptured heel for dressier affairs and a sturdy block heel when I've got pavement to pound.


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Animal Print

I'm a firm believer in the power of a statement shoe: The right one will elevate both your look and mood. An animal print (a neutral, in my humble opinion) will jazz up any outfit, especially if you typically wear black from head to, well, ankle.

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