Let’s Get Real: I Kind of Detest These 6 Trends (Plus 6 I'm Into)

I have to be honest; I love a good closet cleanout—so much so that I do it on a frequent basis. As a naturally-born editor, I’ve been editing my closet ever since I can remember, ultimately foreshadowing my future in fashion. Growing up, I would continually assess my clothes, carefully curating them into piles, ruling them in, and others as out (and yes, I mean as young as eight years old). Therefore, it’s a redeeming quality I have maintained throughout my adulthood, and each clean out is just as thrilling as the next. Candidly, it’s only natural that certain trends fade and others evolve, whether you're updating your go-to boots or breaking up with your once-favorite color. 

This season, I’ve adopted a new mindset amidst my wardrobe cleanings that less is truly more. Perhaps it is a result of the past year, or maybe my style is maturing, but I have become drastically stricter in deciding what I really need in my closet. This newfound perspective and tight edit of my clothing have also inevitably changed the way I shop. I find myself asking the same questions: How am I evolving my wardrobe with this piece? Do I already own a similar version of this? Do I even like this trend anymore? Ahead, I reveal which trends are simply not for me anymore, while also sharing which trends will happily replace them—and keep scrolling to shop the best new trends dominating my closet.

Detest: Victorian Blouses

Into: Strappy Backs

Fashion Trend: Strappy Back Tops



This year our Instagram feeds were flooded with tasteful backless tops; thus, I am ditching my high-neck Victorian-inspired blouses for these flirtier numbers. Since my move down to Miami, my style has inevitably changed, and I'm ditching a lot of my long-sleeve blouses for backless tops—for the look and the breeze! 


No one does a strappy back like Mie. 

This top is everything; it's affordable, comes in multiple color variations, and is versatile in its styling.

Detest: Sweatpants

Into: Knit Skirt Sets

Fashion Trend: Matching Knit Skirt Sets



If you're like me, you may be having a moment where even the sight of sweatpants makes you flinch. Great news: give your sweatpants a much-needed makeover with a knit skirt set that is equally cozy. 


I am all about this matching beach set. 

Obsessed with this set, but even more obsessed with the color. 

Shop the matching Colorblock Skirt ($425).

Camel will always be in style.

Detest: Head-to-Toe Black 

Into: Monochromatic Pastel Looks

Fashion Trend: Monochromatic Pastel Looks



It's officially been three months since I left New York and my style is feeling it. I am saying goodbye to black (who knew this day would come?), and I am welcoming all things pastel. Furthermore, I am loving the styling tip of monochromatic pastel ensembles. 


I have yet to meet a knit bralette I don't like. 

A baby blue cardigan to complete the look. 

If you are in the market for high-waisted, straight-leg denim, look no further. 

Detest: Pointed-Toe Knee-High Boots

Into: Square-Toe Knee-High Boots

Fashion Trend: Square-Toe Knee-High Boots



While I am not abandoning the good ol' knee-high boot, I am giving it an elevated update with a sleek, square-toe. 


These leg-hugging boots are extremely flattering. 

I don't typically go for ankle boots (due to my height), but the shape of these is just right. 

Detest: Knit Cardigans

Into: Front-Button Blouses

Fashion Trend: Front-Button Blouses



Perhaps detest is a rather strong word to use here, but I have officially packed away all of my knit cardigans. To be frank, they've already had their moment in my wardrobe. I've moved on to front-button blouses to give the same look like a cardigan—but better


With Jean's new collection of front-button tops is everything. 

I actually already own this in cream, and I now have the black in my cart—what can I say, I like what I like.

This top has hook and eye closures, not buttons, but you get the same effect.

Detest: Delicate Gold Necklaces

Into: Dynamic Gold Chains

Another trend I never thought I would abandon is my everyday, delicate gold necklaces. Think barely-there jewelry that is so dainty you hardly notice. I've found a new love in dynamic, yet subtle, statement-making gold chains, like small links or herringbone necklaces.


I am fully aboard the herringbone chain train. Literally, I am currently wearing a herringbone chain anklet, bracelet, and necklace. 

One more herringbone pick, because they're just too good.