20 Stylish Bermuda Shorts to Try This Summer


Vanessa Jackman

At the suggestion of designers like Off-White, Saint Laurent, Chloé, and more, we’ve taken on a shorts trend this summer that we never thought would return. At first, we were admittedly wary, but now, we can’t get enough. Yes, that’s right: We’re talking about Bermuda shorts. The style that might remind you of some tragic looks from your childhood Disney World days, the ones you never thought you’d look at without cringing, you now can’t seem to stop thinking of these days. We’ve even surprised ourselves with our latest obsession.

As trouser hems have risen from floor-grazing to ankle-length and above and shorts have begun to lengthen past an ultra-short cutoff look, it seems as though the two pieces have met in the middle to create a hybrid of sorts, which, at its core, makes it a more transitional item than either one of its family members.

Bermuda shorts are more summery than a trouser, which isn’t quite fit for more casual of events in many cases, while they also stand to be more work-appropriate than shorts of the more micro variety for obvious reasons. Our favorite street style stars are wearing theirs with everything from silk blouses to T-shirts, and it’s happened: We’re hooked. Scroll through all the shorts below and prepare to be wowed and inspired—and then head to the store to pick up a pair or two to try out for yourself.

Even if you’re still into shorter styles, consider shopping our above favorites for a slightly different take on the classic summertime staple.