10 Elevated Festival Hair Looks You Can Actually Re-Create From the Field

Although today's weather might suggest otherwise, festival season will soon be in full swing, and I couldn't be happier about it. To me, nothing says summer like a festival with friends. Whether you're going all out at Glastonbury or attending something a little more low-key, it's the perfect time to have fun with your outfits and your festival makeup.

@monamali_ taking a selfie with wavy hair

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One thing I personally love to experiment with is my hair. I tend to wear the same hairstyle pretty much every day in summer, but when it comes to festival season, I always enjoy switching things up and trying something new. That being said, no one wants to spend hours doing their hair at a festival, and if you're staying for a few days, then you probably won't have access to your usual hair tools. But not to worry, as I've spent the last few days researching lots of festival hairstyles, and it turns out there are so many chic looks that are easy to re-create.

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10 of the Easiest Festival Hairstyles to Try This Summer

1. Mermaid Waves

@emilisindlev at Coachella with wavy hair

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First up are mermaid waves. These waves give a relaxed, laid-back feel to the hair that is perfect for festival season. The best bit? You don't even need a curling iron. Simply plait your hair the night before and apply some sea salt spray the next morning for added texture.

2. Plaits

@haileybieber taking a selfie with plaits

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Speaking of plaits, these pigtails are so fun. Again, this hairstyle will take minutes to achieve, just make sure to have lots of hair elastics to hand. You can also pull some face-framing strands of hair out of your plaits like Hailey Bieber for a relaxed finish.

3. Claw Clips

@nnennaechem floral claw clip hairstyle

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Nothing says summer like a half-up, half-down hairstyle secured with a fun, floral claw clip. I always carry these clips with me at a festival as they're perfect for putting your hair up if you get a bit hot, and they give the impression that you've spent hours getting ready.

4. Oversized Scrunchies

@the_oluwaseun with a low ponytail and an oversized scrunchie

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Ponytails are super stylish right now, and an oversized scrunchie will immediately take this hairstyle to the next level.

5. Slicked-Back Bun

@sabinasocol with a slicked-back bun

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This hairstyle is great for second or third-day hair. Simply grab some hair gel and secure your hair into a slicked-back bun. It takes seconds and will look so elevated and chic.

6. Side Part

@hoskelsa with a side part hairstyle

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The side part is set to be one of the biggest hairstyles this summer, and this trend also works great with second or third-day hair. Simply part your hair to the side of your choice and secure with some hair gel for a super-cool finish. I think this looks particularly great with a bob hairstyle.

7. Natural Texture

@emmanuellek_ with natural curls

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No one wants to spend hours doing their hair at a festival, so why not embrace your natural texture instead? The trick to this is to take a couple of products in your bag that you know will help to define your natural style.

8. Bubble Braid

@polliani with a bubble braid hairstyle

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This is one of those hairstyles that looks complicated but is actually really easy to do. Simply secure your hair into a ponytail then add the "bubbles" by taking some clear elastics and securing them in place along the pony, before gently teasing the hair to create shape.

9. Bows

@nnennaechem with a white hair bow

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Want to throw your hair into a low ponytail or bun but still have it look fun? It couldn't be easier than adding a bow. These hair accessories are everywhere right now and there's no denying how cute they are.

10. Wavy Ponytail

@emmahoareau textured ponytail

(Image credit: @emmahoareau)

As mentioned above, ponytails are seriously stylish right now, and a wavy ponytail is so on trend for festival season. If you're blessed with natural curls or waves, then you can create this look in seconds, but if not, invest in some texture spray to give your ponytail added movement.

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