Boho Hair Trends Are Dominating Summer 2024—Here Are the 8 Best Styles to Try

There have been so many incredible hair trends in 2024 already, but one is about to blow all of the others out of the water for summer: boho hair. The resurgence of ‘70s fashion on the high street means that its influence on our beauty routines wasn’t going to be far behind, and the emerging styles are undeniably alluring. From long layered cuts with sweeping fringes and loose braids to the choppy textured shag hairstyle or the ‘70s bob, the joy of the boho trend lies in its effortless nature.

“Boho hair trends are characterised by soft, flowing, and earthy look and typically include long waves, loose braids, and face-framing strands,” explains Edward James, hair stylist and founder of Edward James Salons and The Hair Consult. “The style embraces a natural, undone aesthetic and can include elements inspired by nature, such as flowers or greenery woven into the hair.”

Boho hair trends

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However, the boho hair trends of 2024 are less twee than their predecessors and feel both contemporary and wearable. James points to tousled braids, textured waves, curtain bangs and relaxed updos as being some of the dominating boho styles of the year so far, with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller and Zoe Kravitz serving up bohemian inspiration with their own effortlessly undone hairstyles.

boho hair trends

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Ahead, James breaks down some of the biggest boho hair trends that will prove popular for summer and beyond.

1. Long Layers

boho hair trends long layers

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Think of boho hair trends and long, layered cuts are likely one of the first looks that spring to mind. “Adding textured layered to long hair, especially long, layers with textured waves, give a really carefree, voluminous look,” says James. Halle Berry’s style is the perfect example of achieving that beautiful, bohemian feel.

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2. Curtain Bangs

boho hair trends curtain bangs

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“Pairing layers with curtain bangs gives a chic, effortless look that blends boho with a modern edge,” explains James. And there’s no denying it’s a match made in heaven as Sabrina Carpenter’s soft waves and flicked-out fringe prove.

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3. Hair Accessories

boho hair trends hair accessories

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“Integrate metallic clips, pastel-coloured pins, or minimalist hair jewellery to give a contemporary update to traditional boho floral accessories,” says James. These pearl-adorned gold slides are so fun.

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4. Boho Braids

Boho hair trends boho braids

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“While traditional boho braids are loose and carefree, the modern twist includes more defined braids that still maintain a relaxed look,” explains James. Zoe Kravitz’s style fits the bill perfectly with protective micro braids at the crown of her hair which flow into loose wavy ends.

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5. Relaxed Updos

Boho hair trends relaxed updos

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Updos can get a bit of a bad rap for feeling stuffy or overly formal, but they can work with the boho trend too. “By combining boho elements like loose tendrils or braids with more structured updos such low buns or chignons you can create a sophisticated yet relaxed style that works for all occasions,” says James. Gemma Chan’s effortless half-up, half-down style demonstrates this beautifully.

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6. Sleek Plaits

Boho hair trends sleek plaits

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Rather than the wispier more ethereal-style braids that have come to typify the boho style, 2024’s take on bohemian braids come in a sleeker style too. “Think fishtail or waterfall braids with a polished finish,” says James.

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7. Glossy Texture

Boho hair trends glossy texture

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“2024’s boho hair trends are all about embracing natural hair textures but enhancing them with products that add shine and reduce frizz, giving a more polished and modern look,” explains James.

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8. Retro Cuts

Boho hair trends retro cuts

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There are many trending haircuts that boast a subtle nod to the boho trend—much like Suki Waterhouse’s ‘70s-coded style. “Opt for haircuts like the shag or the lob with some boho-inspired styling,” suggests James. “These cuts offer a contemporary silhouette while allowing for the boho texture and flow.”

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