My Summer Maintenance Routine Is Strategic and Affordable—Here's the 411

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Beauty Maintenance Routine for Summer
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I'm a nosy editor. I interact with a lot of gorgeous people on a daily basis, so I'm often wondering: How do they smell so good? How do they achieve such a bright, sparkly smile? Are they wearing foundation, or is their skin just *that* glowy? I need to know every beauty product these people use—even the less sexy products—so I can try them myself. You'd be surprised—more often than not, they're relying on affordable yet effective drugstore products, not the $200 gold-infused face cream some celebrity dreamt up one night on a whim. I stock up on all these "unsexy" but entirely necessary beauty products at CVS (a no-brainer), especially since they're 20% off when I choose same-day delivery or pickup. You can discover some of my absolute favorites below.

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Emma Walsh
Associate Beauty Editor, Branded Content

Emma is an associate beauty editor of branded content. She’s a passionate writer who loves all things beauty, wellness, and personal growth. Before pursuing writing, she worked in influencer marketing at Gallery Media Group, which owns digital brand PureWow. She lives in New York City, where you can usually find her running to a Pilates class or sipping on a green juice in the park.