12 Skincare Products That I Always Recommend as a Beauty Journalist

As a beauty journalist, I often get a lot of people asking for my skincare and makeup recommendations. I can’t lie—it’s a pretty good feeling. I’m lucky enough to be gifted with new products to try out on a weekly basis, but as someone who’s always had an interest in beauty, a lot of the products I own I purchased myself. There’s truly nothing better than testing out products that catch your eye. Fortunately, even if I try a product that I’m not necessarily fond of, I always have a friend to take it off my hands.

My thorough skincare journey started a year and a half ago. I’d had an intense panic attack that left me in bed for a few weeks feeling as though I’d lost all control of my life. However, I soon discovered that creating my own a.m. and p.m. skincare schedules was the perfect way to help me feel more in control. My morning routine usually consists of using a cleanser, toner, serum and hydrating SPF, and my evening routine includes an exfoliator and face mask once or twice a week and a double cleanse, toner, serum/treatment, eye cream, moisturiser and hydrating lip mask.

I’ve tried a whole heap of brands and products from budget-friendly serums to higher-priced ones for my normal-to-dry skin type and get such a thrill out of recommending products to anyone who asks, no matter their skin type.


(Image credit: @fridacashflow)

It was quite the struggle to condense my list, but here are the 12 skincare products that I always recommend as a beauty journalist, whether you’re looking for something to help with spots or give you a glow.