Ballet Flats Are Fall's Biggest Shoe Trend—Here's How to Wear Them

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Flats are on the rise this year (it's a flat-shoe fall), and there's one style that seems to be taking over the scene: ballet flats. Now, I hadn't worn ballet flats in a while, so it took me a few tries to figure which pieces in my closet to style them with. But I've officially got it down, and now they're the only shoe style I ever want to wear.

I'm more excited than ever to wear this shoe style because Rothy's just came out with its first true ballet flat, and it's pretty incredible. The shoes are comfy, chic, machine-washable (yep!), and so durable that they'll last you years. For four ultra-cute ways to wear them this fall, keep scrolling.


I'm finding myself in the office more and more these days, so I'm always looking to step up my workday outfits. I love a classic suiting look. You really can't go wrong with a tan blazer and trouser set with some easy and comfy black flats. (They're a godsend when I'm walking around on my lunch break.) The tote bag is the perfect addition that can easily fit my laptop and emotional-support water bottle. (And it's ultra chic.)


If you haven't heard us talking about how red is the color of the season, where have you been? I love a red pair of ballet flats because you can style them with more basic looks for an easy pop of color. Or you can embrace the red trend and fully commit with a red sweater and skirt. Either way, these flats are a must.


This is one of those easy-to-put-together looks that can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Lunch date with a friend? They'll ask where you got your outfit. Shopping around the city? You won't find more comfortable walking shoes to do so. Meeting at the office? You'll feel confident all-day long. You could wear this with any color ballet flat, but this baby pink works extra well for me.


Try denying it all you want, but pedal pushers are in, and we're figuring out all the best ways to style them. I'm loving the pop that the leopard-print ballet flat gives this all-black look. It's still a neutral, but it's bold enough to make an outfit stand out. I know you'll get compliments anytime you step out in this outfit.

Anneliese Henderson
Senior Editor, Branded Content

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