Yes, the Perfect Summer Ankle Boots Do Exist—Here's Proof 

There is a common misconception floating around that boots are a no-go in the summer months, but thanks to Ashley Graham, that rumor has been put to rest. While heavy black leather boots might not be the most practical option, knit nude sock boots are, and Ashley Graham just proved it.

The knit material allows for maximum airflow through the boot to ensure your feet are not suffocating amidst the heat, and the neutral color is as breezy as the season itself, guaranteeing an easy last-minute addition to any summer ensemble you have on. Sock boots also flatter the leg extremely well, as they form to the natural curvature of your ankle. This means that they will look incredible with the large assortment of sundresses in your closet. So, can we all agree that these are the perfect pair of ankle boots for the season ahead? I think so.

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