If You Hate Trends, You'll Love These Timeless Shoe Styles From Nordstrom

Yes, trends are very fun to look at and partake in, but you also have to know which ones work for you. After all, whatever you decide to buy should be something that you can wear repeatedly and will last in your closet for more than just a few fleeting months. I'm one of those people who always start with shoes when it comes to investing in timeless wardrobe items, focusing on styles I can throw on at a moment's notice but still look pulled-together. In my mind, a less trend-driven footwear game means I'll have so many ways to wear my shoes. 

When looking for shoes that largely avoid the current trend cycle, think of basic heels that look luxe, sneaker styles that have stood the test of time, buttery-soft leather boots, and flats that act as an effortless final touch to any outfit. Below, I rounded up all of those and more anti-trend shoes from Nordstrom so you can shop to your heart's content without sacrificing versatility. Step to it! 

These will be like a glove on your feet. 

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that the Birkenstock clogs will always endure. 

The 574s are always around thanks to their comfort and the fact that they go with everything. 

Between the angle of the heel and the rich brown hue, you can tell these are luxury by simply looking at them. 

A monochrome color scheme is an easy way for sneakers to look a little more elevated. 

The delicate straps and gold detail at the toe are absolute perfection. 

Lace these up your leg for added drama to regular black sandals.

Toteme's aesthetic fits the timeless bill, as evidenced by these kitten-heel mules. 

You can't go wrong with simple black ballet flats. 

For that retro-sporty look, opt for this pair from Nike's Cortez line.

The woven texture makes these super summer friendly. 

Looking for a pair of knee-high boots that hug your calves? Look no further. 

Strappy, neutral heels are ones you'll have in your closet for ages. 

Dr. Martens is a brand that's more than 70 years old, and its signature yellow-stitched shoes are still popular today. If that's not timeless, I don't know what is.

Chelsea boots will never go anywhere, but if you don't want yours to blend into a sea of black, this cream-colored pair is here for you. 

You always need sparkly shoes! You never know when the right occasion will arise. 

If rhinestones aren't your thing, solid metallic shoes are just as eye-catching. 

Smoking slippers instantly give any look an elevated feel. 

The square toe and heel shape subtly modernize classic black mules. 

These top-rated loafers come in a variety of shades, but if you want something that'll pop, try them in white. 

Easy slide-on mules are always a must. 

How timeless are these beige flats with teeny-tiny studs? 

Two-tone ankle-strap heels are the staple your wardrobe is missing. 

Tory Burch's Ballet Loafers have the comfort of stretch married with a sophisticated look. 

Another sneaker style that will stick around for decades to come. 

Frye boots strike the perfect balance between modern and vintage.