Everyone Who Works for Anna Wintour Knows What This Word Means

There’s one word that Vogue staffers can’t wait to hear from Anna Wintour, and it’s actually the “highest stamp of approval” from the woman widely regarded as the most influential figure in the fashion industry.

This morning, Vogue released an article detailing the story behind a unique four-letter word that holds so much value for the writers/editors/stylist of the magazine that they will likely “breathe a heavy sigh of relief or maybe even bust out a happy dance, with hands raised in the air.” Yep, it’s that important.

The word? AWOK. Can you guess what it stands for? It's actually an acronym for “Anna Wintour Ok.” Even her way of saying “okay” is memorable, just like her ubiquitous shades or iconic hairdo. 

What's even better is that you can now send a message to your friend using this acronym. All you need to do is download the Vogue app and you can start using Anna Wintour's lingo as a sign of your approval. 

Scroll down to see the sticker with the Anna Wintour–approved word. 




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Opening Image: Getty