Anna Wintour: "I Consider Myself a Groupie" for This Celeb

Anna Wintour rarely gives interviews, so when she writes an entire essay for a publication, you can bet we devour every word. In advance of the U.S. Open, tapped the editor in chief to pen an ode to her favorite famous friend, Roger Federer. In the essay, she revealed just how much of a Fed fan she really is.

"I have flown across the world for his tournaments; I've endured agony when he's been a set down and ecstasy when he's stormed back; I have even missed more than the occasional fashion show—all for the privilege of witnessing Roger play what is surely the greatest tennis of all time," Wintour wrote in her essay. "And it's no secret that he's appeared in Vogue about as often as Karlie Kloss. Everyone calls themselves Roger Federer fans. I consider myself a groupie." Can you blame her?

She went on to reveal the backstory behind Federer's peak fashion moment: his first Met Gala red carpet appearance this year. As it turns out, Wintour was the one who connected Federer with Gucci's Alessandro Michele for his custom suit. We can't say we were surprised to learn she was pulling the strings on that one.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde