Anna Wintour Says This Fashion Item Is "Boring"


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Given the authority she has in the fashion world, even what Anna Wintour says in passing carries weight. For example, Wintour just gave her analysis of Milan Fashion Week F/W 17, as she does for every fashion week. Wintour gave a glowing review of Alessandro Michele's fall collection for Gucci, saying he's always "pushing the boundaries, trying to show us something different, and trying to inspire us." She adds, "There's so much product out there right now, and what we need is fashion that's going to seem very emotional and make us dream—not just one more boring beige leather jacket."

Our ears instantly perked up when we heard Wintour utter the word "boring." While the obvious takeaway from the video was her expert musings on the state of the fashion industry and the standout Milan shows, when Wintour gives her thoughts on a specific piece, it's significant. Come to think of it, we'd be hard-pressed to find photos of Wintour wearing any outerwear that could be considered boring.

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