Anna Wintour Says This Trend Is Nowhere to Be Found This Fashion Month

And just like that, London Fashion Week is over. The second leg of fashion month flew by, and naturally, Anna Wintour was there to take it all in. Vogue's new video features the editor in chief discussing her favorite parts of the week, and she revealed how one over-the-top trend has been replaced with a much more youthful, current look.

"I always love what Simone [Rocha] does because it's inherently romantic. Someone was saying to me earlier, I haven't seen many ball gowns, which is totally true. But what one likes to see is a long dress in the street with a sneaker." In broader terms, Wintour is discussing how stuffy, outdated looks like ball gowns have fallen to the wayside and have been replaced by more mashed-up, unexpected outfits—like how Michael Kors teamed sparkly dresses with flip-flops. In case you were wondering, yes, Wintour surprisingly approves that combo, too.

Watch the video below to hear the rest of Wintour's thoughts on London Fashion Week.