5 Times Anna Wintour Was Low-Key Hilarious

Anna Wintour isn't exactly known for her sense of humor, and we think that's a statement she would readily agree with. As the editor in chief of the world's foremost fashion magazine (we're obviously talking about Vogue), she doesn't exactly need humor as one of her crucial assets, so it makes sense that it's not the foundation upon which she's built her career.

That said, we were just reading through some of Wintour's quotes through the years and we discovered several occasions on which she has thrown some serious (and funny!) shade. She has the kind of sense of humor you can only pick up on if you read between the lines a bit—not a laugh-out-loud kind, but rather a dastardly snicker kind. And to that we say this: Slay them, Anna.

Keep scrolling to see five times we think Anna Wintour was low-key hilarious! 

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