Even Anna Wintour Breaks This Fashion Rule 

We bet you didn't know these 73 fascinating facts about Anna Wintour. We also bet you didn't know Anna Wintour is a fashion “rule” breaker. When it comes to dressing for cold weather, Wintour proves this particular fashion faux pas no longer matters. If you take a peek at the Vogue EIC's winter style, you'll see she totally approves of wearing multiple prints and textures at the same time. While the styling trick may seem daunting, Wintour demonstrates the key to pulling off the mix-and-match look. As shown below, if you stick with similar colors, it's easier to add playful prints and interesting fabrics to your outfit.

When the ultimate voice of fashion advocates for a certain trend, backs an up-and-coming designer, or in Taylor Swift's case, tells you to go bleach blond, you listen. Whether she's dishing on a trend she can't stand or she's wearing an outfit combination that was once dubbed a "fashion no," the icon can do no wrong.

Scroll down to see the Anna Wintour–approved outfit for winter.