All the Cool L.A. Girls Shop at This Ultra-Chic Boutique

If there's one designer that truly encapsulates the energy and style of L.A. it's Anine Bing. Her unique fusion of minimal Danish design and that quintessentially cool, laid-back California style has garnered a cult following that hopes to emulate her seemingly inimitable je ne sais quoi. Her clothing line strikes a balance between classic and edgy, and she has managed to infuse that magical mix into her boutique design too.

Bing and her team just opened their second L.A. store in the Pacific Palisades, and it truly emanates that minimal Scandinavian aesthetic without losing the warm and sunny disposition of its beachside location. Bing worked closely with her husband, Nico, on sourcing furniture for the store from all over the world including Sweden and Bali, including some from L.A, to ensure a truly global feel.

Step inside and take the tour for yourself with style notes from Bing and some of our favorite pieces from her collection.