How to Get an Instagram-Worthy Wedding Ring Stack in 3 Steps



Thanks to Instagram, sharing moments from your life is easier than ever. With that in mind, nearly every moment is worthy of recording with a photograph (no pressure). Once you’ve tied the knot and shared your favorite moments from the ceremony and reception, the only thing left is to show off the wedding band that’s just joined your engagement ring.

As you shop for the wedding band, there are a few styles you’ll want to look out for, according to ring-stacking expert and wedding jewelry designer Ashley Zhang. “Most of my clients like to get two wedding rings to start their stack—one simple band as their main wedding band, and a diamond band as a wedding gift from their fiancé,” says Zhang. “These are great base bands to stick with the engagement ring or wear on your right hand.”

Zhang suggests looking into mixing metals, stones, and textures to give your stack more visual interest. The designer also recommends experimenting with different widths and diamond sizes to achieve the look you’re going for. If there’s one thing to remember when curating the perfect stack, Zhang says it’s this: “There are no rules! Jewelry should be personal and meaningful to the wearer… Wear a stack that’s comfortable for you and your style.”

Scroll down to see wedding bands practically made for stacking.

Now this is a unique band.

How cool is this?

This is not your average wedding band.

Ring stacking made easy.

You’ll get so many compliments on this.

This texture is everything.

Simply timeless.

Wait until you see the detail of the ring from the side.

The perfect touch of minimal texture.

This will look so good stacked with other rings or on its own.

We can’t get over the shape of this.

This is so cool.

A band with rubies is so unexpected.

For all the romantic brides out there.

This makes stacking rings easy.

You’ll never get tired of this.

Just imagine how good this will look next to your engagement ring.

You’ll get so many likes on these photos.