Not Your Standard

As fashion bloggers can attest, working in the fashion industry is fun, but it also involves juggling a multitude of assignments at once. After all, bloggers essentially run their own businesses while focusing on putting together creative and cutting-edge looks. Blogger Kayla Seah of Not Your Standard says the challenge lies in balancing creativity and business savvy. For fall, she's challenging herself to take a closer look at the way she stays organized as her own boss and how she pulls it all off successfully.

Keep reading for an inside look at Seah’s everyday routine and see what makes her #WeAllCan moment real.

There’s a fine line to walk when running your own business, Seah says. “My ultimate ‘I can’ moment is when I find myself juggling the creative and the business end to Not Your Standard,” Seah shares. “It is challenging to think both sides at the same time, but when it all comes together in the end and works, I feel such a sense of accomplishment.”

For perspective on why she challenges herself everyday, it’s helpful to get an inside peek at her routine. Seah explains that, “Some days I’m out all day running from appointment to appointment, then to a shoot, and finishing things off with a meeting. Other days I’m glued to my computer editing and answering emails.”

She too has a go-to outfit, especially for those days filled with meetings, calls, and a lunch appointment with a colleague. Seah states, “When I only have 15 minutes to get ready, I reach for my black skinny jeans from American Eagle, a lace cami, and an oversize jacket. It’s the ideal outfit to make me feel like I can tackle my day.”

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