Just Wait Until You See the Back of This Blogger's Wedding Dress

Here at Who What Wear, we've seen a lot of wedding trends come and go over the years. However trend-driven they may be, though, some bridal looks are versatile enough to stick around throughout the years. In this case, we're specifically talking about wedding dresses with statement backs.

Thanks to PopSugar, we'd like to introduce you to one of the best looks like this yet. Alexandra Pereira of the fashion blog Lovely Pepa was recently married, and her dress was just as beautiful from the back as it was from the front. The sparkling Santos Costura piece featured a subtle heart-shaped rear cutout, which we loved both for its eye-catching allure as well as its romanticism. Going this route with your gown is a great way to try out something different without going overboard. We can only hope to look and feel as beautiful as Pereira did on our own wedding day.

Scroll on to see the gorgeous gown from the front and the back!

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