15 Affordable Afro-Friendly Hair Brands That Are Just as Good as Expensive Ones


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Whether you choose to wear your Afro out and natural, in a braided style or with a wig to change things up, navigating the cathedral-like walls of Afro-Caribbean hair shops is an entirely unique experience of its own. Every single inch of wall space is packed with lotions, gels and products that are perfect for Afro hair, but it's hard to pinpoint which will be most effective when you're on the spot and in the market to try something new.

As kinky, coily and curled hair needs to be washed, detangled and kept hydrated on a regular basis in order for it to both grow healthy and retain length, finding the best Afro-friendly products and tools for your hair is essential. Perfecting your at-home routine with a reliable set of products is not a task to be ignored.


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Despite Black British women spending six times more on hair than their white counterparts, it's still very common for people to struggle to find affordable products. I am blessed with Afro hair, but I can testify that my experience of sifting through recommendations can often be a both timely and expensive sport. Is this mask nourishing enough? Is this pillow silky enough to cradle my curls? When shopping for Afro hair products for wash day to suit your unique needs can feel overwhelming, and it becomes even harder when you throw affordability into the mix.


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Luckily, there are now some textured hair specialists online like Antidote Street, Candour Beauty and LookFantastic that are paving the way, but you'll also find high-street favourites like The Body Shop and Superdrugs now offer a more comprehensive range of products, such as affordable moisture boosting masks, creams that define coils and sulphate-free shampoos that can be massage thoroughly into the scalp. 


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So, whether you choose to wear weaves, rock cornrows or have your 'fro out or are a self-proclaimed natural girl, I've listed 15 best Afro haircare brands you can buy right now in order to provide your hair with some well-deserved TLC—and none of them will break the bank. 

Shop the Best Affordable Afro-Friendly Brands

1. Bouclème


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British coily brand Bouclème is famous for its natural curl collection, delivering products which define, detangle and add bounce to all textured hair. Its affordable range spans everything from curl cleansers and exfoliating shampoos to curl towels and scalp massagers. You can find them in multiple big retailers, from Boots to Cult Beauty, and they really are one of the most accessible brands on the market right now. 

4.The Body Shop


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High-street heavyweight The Body Shop's Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) haircare range for wavy, curly and coily locks is perfect for strengthening hair. The nourishing range boasts the benefits of the JBCO alongside silk protein and shea butter, which aid in its promise to both strengthen hair cuticles from the inside out and leaves your Afro finger combable. 

2. Pattern Beauty


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After 10 years of conducting her own market research and working on formulations, the internet's favourite auntie Tracee Ellis Ross's Pattern comprises an entire wash-day routine: shampoo, conditioner, mist and gel, along with styling tools and brushes. Pattern launched over in the UK in 2022 much to the delight of coily girls everywhere. Not only are the products great, but the shower slip-proof packaging and generously sized bottles make that decade-long incubation period seem more than worth it.

3. Afrocenchix 


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Transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to your naturally coily state and need to drastically change to a fuss-free routine? Then Afrocenchix has you covered. For the newly natural who needs to stay nourished and hydrated their specially curated kits—packed with avocado and coconut oil—and guides are sure to make the switch a smooth one. 

4.Bread Beauty Supply


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What do you give to a natural girl or guy that has all the lotions and potions? Bread Beauty Supply, of course. The pouch packaging, the wonderfully sweet gloss oil with options for all textured hair types from ranging from 3a to 4c, the silicone-free deep conditioner packed with lots of Australian Kakadu plum (which has more vitamin C than any other fruit—that’s 50 times more than orange)… You can start to understand why this brand is a personal favourite thanks to its plentiful approach to nourishing and strengthening ingredients. 



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New kid on the block, Ruka, launched in 2021 with a mission to pair hair lovers with extensions that match textured hair patterns. Since its conception, the black British hair brand has gone on to expand its range and now includes wet products and tools as part of its roster. It's the newest addition to its wet range and has already received a Who What Wear seal of approval as the perfect affordable entry point for lovers of Afro-hair innovation. 

6. Holy Curls


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For too long, product recommendations for natural 'fros (versus what actually works for your hair) have resulted in a costly and time-consuming back and forth. Holy Curls foolproof number system allows you to siphon out that costly bathroom clutter leaving you with only nourished stretchable lengths.

7. Superdrug 


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Along with a handy guide for curl types both on their website and in-store, Superdrug now has its own range of affordable Afro-friendly hair products formulated with black castor oil and shea butter. 



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U.S. export Wakaiti is a protective style wearer's dream. From the daily spritz of its moisturising mist to the oil-infused creams, the brand offers great ways to try out a new look and give your hair a break from the elements. Nourishment via these affordable Afro hair–friendly products will really have your strands singing!



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Among coil and curl friends, I often refer to this brand as the slip-and-slide option for looser 'fros. If you are someone in need of detangling saviour then Imbue's range of wide-tooth combs, high-shine oils and an overall no-fuss or knots result provides really good, clean hair.

10. Only Curls


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Only Curls is the perfect jumping-off point for a deep curl cream-powered wash-and-go. For denser and kinkier curls the brand's offering works best as a hydration wash to rinse out masks and deep conditioner rather than a cleansing shampoo, but its gels are an affordable all-texture hero. 

11. charlotte mensah


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Every product across award-winning hair stylist Charlotte Mensah’s range is literally bursting with the years of experience and the knowledge you are sure to benefit from during an appointment at her Notting Hill salon. Thanks to the brand's inclusion of heavenly-scented manketti oil in its offering, gone are the days where we had to douse our heads with product in order to rehydrate our kinky hair. 

12. Davines


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I was sold on Davines's strengthening noto almond extract in shampoo, but its buttery curl conditioner—the multiuse Oil Liquid Luster—is perfect for wigs and tension method blowouts, which makes it one of my most-used ranges to date.

13. Hask


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A couple of years ago, finding an affordable Afro hair option in a supermarket was unheard of, but now, the options are seemingly endless. So for those of us that love a trip to a big chain store, make sure to add Hask to your list. 

14. Carol's Daughter 


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Experimentation can be found at the very core of Afro-haircare developments, and Carol's Daughter is a great example. It's another U.S. export that UK coilies have waited with bated breath for, as it harnesses the spirit of fun and innovation across all of its ranges to make wash day a true delight.



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In need of serious repair and a shine boost to dull coils? Amika has you covered across all angles. Want super-straight lengths? Amika Blockage. Need a low-heat bouncy blow-dry? Amika's Barrel Blowdryer. The brand's ultra-moisturising and affordable Afro-friendly product will have you coming back for more.