I Got a Wardrobe Consultant's Best Tips So You Don't Have To

I’m a fashion editor, yes, but does that mean my closet is beautifully curated every season with a balanced number of high and low and polished and party pieces with outfits set aside each day for me to slip into? That’s a big no. In fact, despite the amount of time I think about, research, and discuss clothing, I could use a little outside help every now and then. And if you do too, keep reading.

I compiled some of my most common and most annoying wardrobe hangups and turned to someone who not only gets it but could help guide me in creating better shopping habits. Maria Dueñas Jacobs is Stitch Fix’s style expert, and she’s also a former fashion editor. Working with the wildly successful site once referred to as the “Netflix of apparel”, Jacobs was the perfect source to help me, and ultimately you, become a more organized and successful shopper.

According to her, the biggest shopping mistakes occur when we forget the classic “quality instead of quantity” adage and ultimately when we forget to put ourselves first. “If an item is uncomfortable, don’t buy it,” she says. “It’s so important to feel good and confident in your clothes, and when you’re uncomfortable, it shows.”

Below are my own worst habits (maybe you can relate?) and the rest of our expert’s sound advice.