The One Accessory We Can't Get Enough Of—and How to Style Them

2019 eyewear trends

There’s nothing better than finding that one accessory that makes you feel like the real you. You know—that little extra something that gives you more confidence than anything else in your closet. For me, that’s eyewear. I own a ton of shoes and bags, but I’m constantly getting compliments on my glasses. And because I wear glasses every single day, I’m always on the hunt for cool styles.

I’m not the only one who swears by the transformative power of eyewear: Fashion girls Karen Blanchard (of Where Did U Get That) and Lauren Roscopf (of A Lo Profile) are here to back me up. “The right shape of eyewear can literally make an outfit,” says Blanchard, who was impressed by all the options available at Target Optical. If you’re on the hunt for new glasses, these are the styles that are worth your attention and money.

Trend to Try: Aviators

2019 aviator eyewear trend


Aviators always seem to come back in style. “It’s the most complementary style for everyone, even men,” says Blanchard, who is drawn to anything with vintage flair. “The square shape make this pair feel a bit ’70s, which is right up my alley, and I love that I can wear these with literally every outfit,” she says.

Morgan agrees: “They’re fun and classic,” she says, and we love that they look so great as sunnies and regular glasses.

Trend to Try: Retro 

2019 retro eyewear trend


Sometimes you feel like making a statement, and that’s when you want to lean into something retro, Blanchard explains. “My style is pretty boho, so these tinted blue sunglasses had my name written all over them,” she says. “Since these have blue lenses, you really want to style them based around color.”

And for Morgan? “Sunglasses are the cherry on top. They can completely transform a look and inspire a new attitude to go with it,” she says. “This retro pair is playful, so I styled them with a leather jacket; it gives ’em a little edge.”

Trend to Try: Geek Chic 

2019 geek chic eyewear trend


Glasses that give off that geek-chic vibe are easy to come by. Look for styles that are more square, rectangular, or even a cat-eye shape (a forever fashion favorite).

“Sometimes you just want to channel your inner librarian with a pair of glasses, and this style lets me do that,” says Blanchard, who suggests dressing them down with a pair of jeans and a simple knit.

“They deserve to be the spotlight,” adds Morgan.

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