The 2005 Fashion Trends No One Wants to Revisit Anytime Soon

Yes, 2005 was a funny time for fashion. If you look back at celebrity photos from that era, you'll probably think of one word in particular: boho. There were many looks that came out of 2005, but the dishevelled, I-just-threw-this-on-and-didn't-brush-my-hair vibe really came into its own. It was cool to not care—even if you spent half an hour perfecting your bedhead. As always, it was the A-list who blazed the trail and served as a source of sartorial inspiration.

From a tiny waistcoat (as seen on Kate Moss at 2005's Glastonbury) to Sienna Miller's love of a low-slung belt (come on, we know you had at least three of those), there were some frontrunners that everyone wore that year, even in fashion's darkest corners. If you're still not convinced, we suggest you keep scrolling and look through our list of the five items you definitely owned in 2005.

#1: The Tiny Waistcoat 

2005 fashion: Kate Moss at Glastonbury in a waistcoat


MJ Kim/Getty Images

Style Notes: Kate Moss didn't just do 2005 fashion—she made it. She'll probably not be wearing this out and about anymore, despite her love for waistcoats, but this look was copied over and over during the period. Sidenote: You can thank Moss for the abundance of shorts paired with Hunter wellies at every festival from this year until the rest of time.

#2: The Low-Slung Belt

2005 fashion: Sienne Miller wearing a low-slung belt


C. Uncle/Getty Images

Style Notes: Sienna Miller didn't go anywhere in the '00s without a low-slung belt. Whether that was with a peasant skirt or with a pair of cropped leggings, you could bank on her (and us) wearing one.

#3: The boho blouse

2005 fashion: Rachel Bilson wearing a peasant top


 J. Vespa/Getty Images

Style Notes: Ah, The O.C. Not only did we get the lovable Seth Cohen from that wonderful show, but we also got Rachel Bilson, who was arguably one of the most undervalued style icons of the time. She was rather adept at making everything look cute, which is why we blame her for us spending all of our allowance on peasant tops.

#4: The Tiered Dress or Skirt

2005 fashion: The Olsen twins with Mary-Kate wearing a tiered dress


Gregory Pace/Getty Images

Style Notes: At 2005's Met Gala, which celebrated Chanel, Mary-Kate Olsen wore a long white tiered dress. We had at least five of these in our wardrobe in 2005. True story. 

#5: Three-Quarter-Length Jeans

2005 fashion: Jennifer Lopez wearing three-quarter length jeans


 Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Style Notes: J.Lo does not age. That is a fact of life. Once you've gotten over that, allow us to point you in the direction of these remarkable three-quarter-length jeans. During the early '00s, we saw many a woman wearing these, in many different iterations, with pumps that probably had wooden heels. Perfect for a night out with "a nice top."

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