How to Fake an Expensive Wardrobe

Kat Collings

Collage Vintage

Is there any bigger compliment than when a stranger is compelled by the greatness of your outfit to approach you with the potentially embarrassing question Where did you get that? This ego-boosting incident usually happens when you’re wearing your most luxurious-looking items, whether they were actually pricey or not.

So in the name of looking our most expensive, we had to ask: What is it that makes clothes look fancy? Fast-fashion stores like Zara and Topshop are experts on emulating the current designer trends in terms of prints, cuts, and style, but what’s a little harder to fake? Fabric quality.

But since we can’t all afford cashmere and silk, we figured we’d do a little research on the best affordable clothing materials that only look expensive, plus which cheap fabrics often belie their humble origins. With your clothing label know-how, you can make smarter and more luxurious fabric choices, even when you’re on a shopping budget.

Scroll down to check out our easy guide to types of clothing materials and shop some of our affordable finds!

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