What You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

Getting dressed for a wedding is tricky: there’s the pressure to look amazing (hello, photo booth), while simultaneously trying to navigate the ever-changing rules of outfit etiquette. Rather than attempt the opinion-laden terrain ourselves, we figured we’d call in an expert to lay down some ground rules. Enter: Melissa Coker, the founder and creative director of Wren, a beloved LA-based brand, which recently launched an awesome “Weddings, Bridesmaids & Parties” section of their site.

Scroll down for Coker’s definitive list of what you should never wear to a wedding and shop our picks.

  • Thou Shall Not:

    What You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

    “This is not P. Diddy’s annual White Party, it's your friend/family member/frenemy’s wedding, and you have seven million other colors chilling in your closet anyways. So just be cool, and choose something else. And while you're at it, you should probably back away from that flower crown. And if you're even thinking about wearing a tiara, well, we're not friends anymore.” –Melissa Coker

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    Instead, try a fun print.

    On Miroslava Duma: Chanel jacket.

  • Thou Shall Not:

    What You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

    “You may be single and ready to mingle with some hot groomsmen, but stay away from too short, too tight, too low cut, or the dreaded all of the above. You don't need grandma's seal of approval, but you don't need to look at home on Hollywood Boulevard either.” –Melissa Coker

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    Instead, try a maxi dress.

    On Peony Lim of Peony Lim: Isolda London dress; Eriin jacket; Manolo Blahnik shoes; Hermes bag; Ottica Mantovani sunglasses.

  • Thou Shall Not:

    What You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

    “I get it, your friend's super cool, her wedding's on the beach/in a barn/in Canada. But c'mon—it's not cute and casual, it's just bad manners. Wearing jeans to a wedding is like Paris Hilton's attempts at pop music—it offends everyone.” –Melissa Coker

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    Instead, try wide-legged trousers and a fancy blouse.

  • Thou Shall Not:

    What You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

    “If it looks like something Jennifer Lopez would wear on tour, it's probably out of bounds for your colleague's wedding.” –Melissa Coker

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    Instead, keep it sophisticated with a color block dress.

    On Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage: ASOS top; Lover skirt; Sam Edelman sandals; Valentino bag; Ryan Storer ring.

  • Thou Shall Not:

    What You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

    “Some people are like, black = sad death, you're a jerk, while other people are like, stop being so old fashioned, black is cool and for modern chic types. It's hard to say who is right, and it probably depends on the type of wedding you're going to and what the groom and bride are all about. So, unless you're making a statement and crashing your ex's nuptials, it's probably better to play it safe and go for color.” –Melissa Coker

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    Instead, try a cheerful color.

    On Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl: Camilla And Marc dress; Carolina Herrera heels; Mulberry bag; Mania Mania ring; Jennifer Zeuner Ring.

  • What You Should Never Wear To A Wedding
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    Tibi Ibis Strappy Long Dress ($675) in Indigo Multi

    Step outside the floral box with this unique butterfly wing pattern.

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    Schutz Oriana Ankle Wrap Sandals ($200) in Vino

    Judging from the spike heel, you might need to carry a backup pair of flats in your clutch, but that shouldn’t stop you from strutting in these red snakeskin stunners for the better half of the night.

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    A.L.C. Eva Dress ($541) in Midnight/Pink

    This is the type of dress you’ll wear again and again.

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    Alexis Bittar Thin Collar Necklace ($195) in Rhodium

    A sleek choker will add polish to your ensemble.

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    ASOS Bandeau Polka Dot Midi Dress ($86) in Nude

    Everyone will think you found your polka-dot dress in a vintage shop—we’ll never tell it’s from ASOS.

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    Wren Coral Kissing Back Kimono Dress ($400)

    Little known fact: a kimono-sleeve is so flattering for your arms.

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    Lanvin Metallic Block-Heel Sandals ($353)

    You can dance the night away in these dressy snakeskin sandals.

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    ASOS Floral Bardot Full Midi Prom Dress ($181)

    Brigitte Bardot loved a fit-and-flare off-the-shoulder dress, and we do too.

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    ASOS Cami Strap Midi Skater Dress ($67) in Nude

    Any shoe in your closet will work with this nude spaghetti strap dress.

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    Nina Ricci Arc Feather/Fur Clutch Bag ($3390) in Black/Gray

    From the feathers to the furry accents, this clutch is downright luxurious.

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    Bing Bang Baguette Crystal Spike Drop Earrings ($150)

    We’ll take our statement earrings with a touch of edge, thank you very much.

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    Helena Quinn Strapless Asymmetric Hem Maxi Dress ($404) in Watercolor

    Watercolor prints are an ideal wedding pattern.

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    Laurence Heller Embroidered Sequins Cotton Straw Clutch ($84)

    We did a double take when we saw the amazing price on this ornate straw clutch.

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    10 Crosby Derek Lam Maxi Dress ($595) in Slate Combo

    As of late, we’re all about the halter neckline.

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    Vrai & Oro Baguette Diamond Necklace ($315) in 14k Rose Gold

    If you’re into dainty jewelry, may we suggest this sweet understated necklace?

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    Matthew Williamson Printed Silk Mini Dress ($1075)

    The little disco balls hidden in this pretty floral print made us smile.

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    Monserat De Lucca Botevara Large Pouch ($110)

    Rose gold is our favorite metallic of the moment.

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    The Reformation Dragon Dress ($258) in Bouquet

    A tastefully revealing neckline tempers the sweet floral print on this maxi dress.

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    Tibi Anouk Strappy Sandals ($198) in Mahogany/Gold Multi

    Mahogany and gold make a stellar combination.

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    Zara Flared Short-Sleeved Dress ($100) in Light Purple

    For a conservative wedding, this bright number is a sound choice.

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    Penelope Chilvers Tie Dye Maxi Clutch ($121) in Indigo/Grey

    Going for a bohemian vibe? This artsy, marbled clutch is the perfect way to finish your outfit.

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    Fallon Jewelry Shalom Ball Earrings ($150) in Gold

    Look no farther for earrings that will have everyone doing a double take.

    Do you have any wedding outfit faux pas to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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