The 20 New Personal Style Bloggers You Need To Know About

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    There are loads of talented people who are creating sites that are totally worth bookmarking—and we have 20 up-and-comers for you to peruse now. Some are fresh faces, other simply deserve a little more love, all are awesome in their own ways. So click through to see the next crop of personal style bloggers you should know now—you might just discover the next Chiara Ferragni in the mix!


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    Sara Strand

    The Olso, Norway-based personal style blogger has that minimalist Elin Kling-like Scandinavian style down pat. Always chic in a palette of muted grays, blacks, and whites—plus an occasional punch of leopard—Strand manages to make basics look incredible. 

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    In a world in which so many street-style looks seem overbaked, Barcelona-based blogger Saray Martin is definitely different than the norm. Her relatively simple outfits are refreshingly realistic, plus she has that slept-in, perfectly rumpled, model-off-duty vibe we still can't get enough of. 

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    Inside In, Inside Out

    Run by twins Fabliha and Tasfia Reza from Brisbane, Australia, this blog offers twice the stylish outfits to peruse. The sisters' looks are an excellent introduction to their country's best designers, as they are always wearing a mix of Aussie labels ranging from small brands like Friend of Mine and August Street to established brands like Ksubi.

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    Trine's Wardrobe

    A mini mogul in the making—she's a blogger and stylist, and has both a haircare and shoe line—the 24-year-old Danish blogger favors outfits that are uncomplicated, slightly louche, and very European. If you're wondering how to use Birkenstocks or sneakers to add a relaxed element to a fashion-forward outfit, she's your spirit guide.

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    Variacje by Olivia Kijo

    Olivia Kijo definitely falls on the daring end of the spectrum. The Polish blogger isn't afraid to try dramatic silhouettes—like wildly wide jeans—and trends that the less bold would leave to the runway. Think: Man Repeller, but more austere. 

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    Framboise Fashion

    Run by Sarah Mikaela (a part Danish, part Australian blogger living in London), the site features a mix of her relatively minimal, slightly tomboyish style—boxy coats, clean shift dresses, tailored shorts—showcased in lovely, personality-filled photos. 

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    If you're a fan of Marc Jacobs' social media, you simply must see the personal site of the girl behind it: Tessa Mu. The New York-based social guru and style blogger launched her site Anecdoche two years ago—she styles, photographs, and creative directs the whole thing—and the aesthetic is totally clean and cohesive. We love the way she pairs vintage with H&M and Dior, plus a healthy splash of Marc Jacobs, of course, and are pretty certain you will too.

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    Find Me A Muse

    It's no secret that we're quite fond of Australian style and designers, and are especially keen on the country's blog scene too, including Mandi Lamattina's Melbourne-based site. She combines personal style photos—she likes a little bit of edge, and goes for fashion-insider favorites like Kenzo, Acne, and Balmain—with runway shots and trend roundups, so there's something for everyone.

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    Gal Meets Glam

    Featuring San Francisco-based blogger Julia Engel, Gal Meets Glam is a little bit like the love child of Cupcakes & Cashmere meets Atlantic-Pacific. But don't get it twisted: Engel's definitely doing her own sweetly feminine-meets-classic California thing, and it's definitely worth checking out.

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    Hallie Daily

    Okay, so technically Hallie Swanson should already be on your radar. The LA-based blogger is blowing up in the the personal style blogosphere, and just made Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List, thanks to her often colorful, typically feminine sensibilities. 

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    Krystal Schlegel

    Sea of Shoes and Snob Essentials aren't the only amazing sites to come out of Dallas; Krystal Schlegel's blog is also on our up-and-coming radar. Personal style is only part of her focus; she also includes outfit collages, editorials, and some cute vacation/lifestyle photo roundups, too. If you like ladylike looks with a touch of edge, this girl's for you. 

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    While the word "effortless" is hopelessly overused, it's really applicable to the way 21-year-old Amsterdam-raised, Paris-based blogger Lizzy van der Ligt creates her outfits. Featuring equal parts Zara and Isabel Marant, she assembles outfits that are wholly inspirational, but also seemingly easy enough to replicate. Also worth noting: she's got a fresh-faced look we just adore.

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    Purse 'n Boots

    Although she posts jaw-dropping editorials and lookbooks most often, Nasty Gal's Senior Stylist Ashley Glorioso also gets in front of the lens from time to time. The result: outfits that have a West Coast cool girl vibe, with plenty of layered Pamela Love rosaries, oversized pendants, and enough turquoise jewelry to execute that desert-meets-downtown-tough-bohemian look just right. 

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    Raspberry & Rouge

    There's something about the Amsterdam blogger Rebecca Laurey that just makes us happy. She seems like she's having fun, plus our editorial training appreciates her simple layouts and big, gorgeous photos. There's something a little Dree Hemingway-goes-on-a-European-vacation about Laurey's look, think: blazers, skinny jeans, Converse, and maybe a leather baseball cap.

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    See Want Shop

    Australians do a lot of things well, particularly a mix of sporty minimalism with plenty of sex appeal, as evidenced by Melbourne's Lisa Hamilton. Her great personal style shots—currently she's mad for mixed media, like sequins or leather with knits—are supplemented by beautifully curated imagery gathered from all over the web. 

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    Soraya Bakhtiar

    You can always expect colorful and exuberant outfits from the 23-year-old Geneva-based rising style star—a nice contrast to the recent spate of minimalist bloggers who wear only neutrals. Bakhitar always wearing the piece that is going to become your next purchase, so be sure to hide your credit card before visiting her site. 

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    Josephine Meng is a 19-year-old Berlin-based blogger who highlights her edgy aesthetic with body chains, black leather, and knee-high boots. There's something a little Rihanna-esque about her look, think: jerseys, mesh dresses, always a lot of sex appeal. That said, Meng always does it in a fashion way—Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy are her favorite labels—which makes her blog one to keep tabs on. 

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    Andy Heart

    If you, like us, love a combination of very clean lines and a high/low mix, you will definitely appreciate LA resident Ann Kim's site. She knows how to style Zara and Everlane with Celine and Alexander Wang in a most luxurious way—and make everything look both high-end and truly cohesive. 

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    Fashion Vibe

    Pajama dressing, bold black and white stripes, exposed midriffs, sporty track pants, Birkenstocks, overalls, grunge—Zina Charkoplia of Barcelona's Fashion Vibe is not afraid of a trend, and with good reason. With model-like good looks and an eye for the latest looks, it's no wonder she's street style photographer and editor bait alike.

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