15 Stylish Tattoos Sported By Bloggers And Editors

When it comes to opinions on tattoos, Karl Lagerfeld isn’t shy: “I think tattoos are horrible. It’s like living in a Pucci dress full-time.” While we can’t attest to what it’s like to wear the latter 24/7, we would like to humbly disagree with the Kaiser. While it certainly isn’t for everyone (disclaimer: this comes from a non-tatted editor), tattoos can be an interesting form of self-expression. And since fashion is all about self-expression, it’s no surprise that some of our favorite stylish women sport tattoos.

Scroll through to get your own ink ideas, or simply to see who got what tattooed where.

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    Spotted on: Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

    According to Ferragni her ‘Luce’ tattoo has, “a thousand meanings and is dedicated to one person in particular.”

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    Spotted on: Veronika Heilbrunner

    PHOTO: Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21Eme

    A single feather adorns the arm of MyTheresa.com’s Senior Fashion Editor.

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    Spotted on: Pernille Teisbaek Look De Pernille

    A cheeky charm bracelet tattoo makes a stylish addition to her stack of bracelets.

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    Spotted on: Tine Andrea of The Fashion Eaters

    Andrea has a smattering of tattoos on her left arm, from a heart emblazoned with “mom” to a delicate feather.

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    Spotted on: Celine Aagaard of Hippie Hippie Milkshake

    It’s no wonder the oft-photographed fashion editor and blogger has such a stylish tattoo.

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    Spotted on: Carlotta Oddi

    PHOTO: Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21Eme

    Anna Dello Russo’s assistant has her initials inked on her ankles.

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    Spotted on: Hanneli Mustaparta

    PHOTO: Hanneli

    Mustaparta chose one of the most popular places to get inked—the easily-covered inside of the wrist.

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    Spotted on: Courtney Trop of Always Judging

    Trop has the lyrics “hearts collide” from one of her favorite songs tattooed on in her inner forearm.

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    Spotted on: Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet

    We just might be stealing Deras’ subtle location ideas.

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    Spotted on: Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

    The blogger’s world map tattoo symbolizes her love of traveling.

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    Spotted on: Betty Autier of Le Blog De Betty

    A tiny safety pin alludes to Autier’s slightly punk side.

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    Spotted on: Pernille Teisbaek Look De Pernille

    It seems Teisbaek has a thing for jewelry-inspired tattoos—her anklet ink adds an interesting element to heels and flats.

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    Spotted on: Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit

    The double Vs represent Hong and her sister.

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    Spotted on: Marianne Theodorsen of The Style Devil

    Theodorsen’s bold tattoos match her fearless approach to fashion.

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    Spotted on: Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage

    Stein always looks the happiest in her photos, so her tattoo comes as no surprise.

    Do you have any tattoos? Let us know in the comments below!

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