How to Look Chic at Work All Summer Long With Only 8 Pieces

Aemilia Madden

For all of us non-morning people, making decisions before we’ve got coffee in our hand is a bad idea, which means getting dressed for work should be as simple as possible. Let’s just say print-mixing is tough to tackle first thing. So now that summer is in full swing, we think it’s high time to consider slimming things down to the bare necessities: a capsule wardrobe that will help you get dressed stress-free.

We’ve rounded up eight essential pieces so that you can spend less last-minute time and energy tearing through your closet trying to figure out what works. Each piece will keep you cool through the season’s sweltering temps without ever risking a dress code violation (not to worry, HR). Now, you’ll rock it at the office, stress- and sweat-free.

Read on for our breakdown and to shop our picks for each category!

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