How To Never Regret A Clothing Purchase Ever Again

There you are, standing in the harshly lit dressing room, completely at the mercy of the shopping gods. You snapped a selfie, looked at your reflection from all angles, consulted friends, and, for better or worse, ultimately pulled the trigger on a purchase or put it back on the rack. But did you make the right decision? 

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  • To help answer that question, we’ve compiled a series of 12 quick questions you should ask yourself before heading to the register. It will save you from buyer's remorse or a mean case of the should-have-bought-its: we promise.

  • It’s not a great deal if you never wear it. End of story.

  • Buying a size smaller to inspire weight loss is just plain delusional. We’ve done it enough to know. 

  • If it’s making you itch, you’ve got to ditch.

  • Label junkie is not a good look.

  • That five-for-$50 deal is intended to suck you in. Resist!

  • Quick! Think of three outfits you’d wear with this piece. Can’t do it? Put it back on the rack.

  • If you're thinking, “This would be great for some unspecified black-tie-event I could potentially be invited to in the future," we have four words for you: put it back now.

  • You know yourself best. When was the last time you went to the dry cleaners? More than a month ago? Skip the silk.

  • “I can totally afford this if I don’t eat out this month.” No. You will still eat out, and you will be poor.

  • Don’t own a trench coat? Go ahead and buy one. Have three? Maybe pass, even if it’s so good.

  • You’re known for wearing preppy polos and you’re buying a punk band tee. If it feels wrong, it’s going to look wrong.

  • If you’re vacillating now, that poor piece of clothing is bound to be neglected.


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