Why You Only Need 10 Work Outfits—Seriously

Allyson Payer

As anyone who works in an office knows, figuring out a different outfit for every single day of the week is a challenge that we've all faced more times than we can count. And what working girl has time to riffle through their entire wardrobe day after day, searching for an outfit that's work-appropriate, stylish, and comfortable? It's no small feat.

Which is exactly why we went straight to one of our favorite brands for work basics (and everything else), AYR. AYR's minimal pieces are the definition of what you want to wear every single day. They're high-quality, versatile, and timeless yet fresh. Armed with the mission to narrow an entire wardrobe of options down to just 10 work outfits that can be mixed and matched with abandon, we tapped AYR creative director Jac Cameron to fill us in on a few of the essentials that every woman needs to create a work wardrobe comprising two weeks' worth of go-to outfits. All you need to do is stock your closet with the prescribed styles and keep the outfit formulas on hand!

Keep scrolling to read Cameron's expert advice and see and shop the 10 outfits.

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