How To Fake A Smaller Waist

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    A smaller waist without heading to the gym or cinching yourself into a corset? It can be done. Click through to see our secret waist-whittling ways.  

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Trick 1: Wear An All-Black Body-Con Ensemble

    A black and body-con outfit? This is THE ultimate waist-slimming trick. 

    Image via Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Street Style Seconds

    Trick 2: Belt Your Jacket At Your Waist

    Don’t hide under a bulky coat or jacket. Try belting your outerwear to show off your waist instead; we promise you’ll like the results. 

    Image via Street Style Seconds

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Trick 3: Tuck In Your Blouse

    Instead of leaving your blouse untucked, go for a more polished and flattering look. 

    Image via Style Du Monde 

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    PHOTO: Lee Oliveira

    Trick 4: Purchase A Wrap Dress

    This dress style perfectly ties at the waist for a minimizing and flattering look.

    Image via Lee Oliveira 

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Trick 5: Wear High-Waisted Pants

    This trick will not only make your waist look smaller, but high-waisted pants will also elongate your legs! 

    Image via Style Du Monde 

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Trick 6: Invest In A Selection Of Pencil Skirts

    A sleek pencil skirt will do wonders by slenderizing your waist

    Image via Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Gastro Chic

    Trick 7: Add A Belt To Your Outfit

    Here’s an easy one: cinch your waist by adding a belt to your next outfit. 

    Image via Gastro Chic

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    PHOTO: Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules

    Trick 8: Tie Your Shirt Around Your Waist

    This is another unique and stylish way to accentuate and whittle your waist. Plus it’s casually cool and oh-so ‘90s—win, win!

    Image via Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules

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    PHOTO: This Time Tomorrow

    Trick 9: Try A Colorblock Dress With Side Panels

    The contrasting colors down the side of the dress will give the illusion of a slim hourglass figure! 

    Image via This Time Tomorrow

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