The Best-Dressed Animals of Instagram

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    A tidal wave of cuteness approaches. Gird yourself for it, folks. Ready, set, squeee!

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    PHOTO: toastmeetsworld


    Style: What this rescue King Charles lacks in teeth (the reason her tongue hangs out), she makes up for in taste. Whether she’s wearing matching Prabal Gurung sweaters with the Man Repeller (pictured) or sporting an ensemble inspired by the Spike Jonze movie, Her, the spaniel rarely makes a sartorial misstep.
    Follow: @toastmeetsworld

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    PHOTO: jamonthepig


    Style: A ham in every sense of the word, this Brazilian mini pig loves to play dress up in costumes that include a lobster, a pirate, a bat, a skeleton, and a ninja turtle.
    Follow: @jamonthepig

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    PHOTO: ifitwags

    The Pointer Brothers

    Style: Based in Vancouver, the two German Shorthaired Pointers are fond of dressing alike in outdoorsy getups like trapper hats, puffer jackets, and cozy sweatshirts (pictured). 
    Follow: @ifitwags

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    PHOTO: Fleayonce


    Style:The Manhattan-based Yorkie’s wardrobe is whimsically eclectic. One day, she’s channeling Dionne Warwick in a knotted floral headscarf, the next, she’s kitted out in crisp springtime gingham. Kudos to owner/stylist, Sarah Staudinger, for always keeping us guessing.

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    PHOTO: mingey


    Style: Finn rolls with an A-list entourage (owner is actress Amanda Seyfried) but he hasn't let his Hollywood lifestyle go to his head. He does, however, have a weak spot for fashion, favoring neck bandanas and edible headwear.
    Follow: @finn_seyfried (Twitter) and @mingey

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    PHOTO: katherinepower


    Style: Bond. James Bond. This dapper gent belongs to Who What Wear Co-Founder, Katherine Power, who always makes sure he’s the coolest cat in the room.
    Follow: @katherinepower

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    PHOTO: digbyvanwinkle

    Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle

    Style: Digby (pictured) and Aloysius are two style-savvy Brussels Griffons living in Wellington, New Zealand. They're partial toward hipster chic looks, with lots of flannel shirts, knit caps, and tortoiseshell glasses thrown into the mix.
    Follow: @digbyvanwinkle

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    PHOTO: darcytheflyinghedgehog


    Style: This hedgehog doesn’t often wear more than her own quills. But when she does dress up (via a plastic trident hat?), she does so with aplomb.
    Follow: @darcytheflyinghedgehog

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    PHOTO: porkchopadventures

    Pork Chop

    Style: As the pet pooch of Elle Creative Director, Joe Zee, Pork Chop has gotten somewhat jaded by fashion over the years and now prefers to keep the whole circus at paw’s length. She does make a begrudging exception at Halloween, as this picture indicates.
    Follow: @porkchopadventures and @mrjoezee

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    PHOTO: _unlikelyFriends_

    Miss Zoe and Mr. Bailey

    Style: Sure, they’re different species, but their fashion sense couldn’t be more in sync. To wit, you’ll often find them wearing the exact same outfit.
    Follow: @_unlikelyFriends_

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    PHOTO: badgallruru


    Style: Fashion PR exec, Sydney Reising, styles her pooch to the nines. Here, Ruby sports a Rodarte for Target denim jacket and a Hood by Air bandana.
    Follow: @badgallruru

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    PHOTO: beckermanblog


    Style: The Pomeranian’s tiny size belies her serious sense of style. As the pet pup of the fashion-obsessed Beckerman sisters, Marni’s love of accessories might stem from the fact that she’s often used as one herself. If you have a spare 17 seconds, this video of her modeling a mini Bjork swan dress is highly worth a watch.
    Follow: @beckermanblog

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    PHOTO: Buddyboowaggytails


    Style: The cutest pup in the world is no slouch in the style department. In fact, The Coveteur just raided his closest (a serious fashion honor indeed). Check out the story, here.
    Follow: @buddyboowaggytails

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    Kitten in a Sambrero

    Style: South of the border purr-fection. This little hombre recently made the rounds on Instagram. We don’t know where the photo originated from but we found it too darn cute not to include.

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    PHOTO: ChinnyBuddy

    Mr. Bagel

    Style: Chinchillas don’t usually pay much attention to fashion (with such fabulous fur, why should they?), but Mr. Bagel can’t resist a good knit beanie.
    Follow: @ChinnyBuddy

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    PHOTO: dailyremy


    Style: W Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy’s Standard Poodle reigns supreme when it comes to designer vintage. Her taste is very much that of a lady (or hound) of leisure with Hermes scarves, Chanel jackets, and an enviable assortment of day hats.
    Follow: @dailyremy and @wmagjane

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    PHOTO: Lovern


    Style: A rescue mutt gone glam, Lovern’s doting owner is none other L.A. star stylist, Cher Coulter, meaning the lucky pooch is the beneficiary of some of the best togs in Tinseltown.
    Follow: @lovelovern and @chercoulter

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    PHOTO: mensweardog

    Bodhi (a.k.a. Menswear Dog)

    Style: This four-year-old Shiba Inu rose to fame for his spot-on taste in selvage denim, linen suits, and Gant Rugger oxford shirts. Now he’s hit the big time, modeling for the likes of The Tie Bar and Esquire.
    Follow: @mensweardog

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    Style: The wardrobe of this pint-size fashionista clocks in at over two hundred outfits. Among them? A Burberry-esque trenchcoat, an aviator ensemble, and a full-length cape, obvi.
    Follow: @montjiro

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    PHOTO: Mumitan


    Style: Given that he resides in Tokyo, Japan, you’d expect Mumitan’s aesthetic to be in keeping with the avant garde minimalist for which the city’s designers are known. Instead, this bunny hops to a different beat — one that’s all about bold colors, kitschy accents, and, oh yeah, Sherlock Holmes costumes.
    Follow: @mumitan

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    PHOTO: nevillejacobs


    Style:  Neville is Marc Jacobs’ dog. So basically, he dresses better than most humans.
    Follow: @nevillejacobs

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    PHOTO: snoopybabe


    Style: With nearly 300,000 followers, this wide-eyed Chinese feline is clearly doing something right. Our guess? Her covetable collection of statement necklaces.
    Follow: @snoopybabe

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    PHOTO: tunameltsmyheart


    Style: We have a soft spot for this fashion underdog (pun intended) who suffers from an exaggerated overbite and wrinkly neck. A true gentleman, he’s partial to bowties and the occasional tuxedo jacket.
    Follow: @tunameltsmyheart

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    PHOTO: TrotterPup


    Style: This self-describe “fat and sassy” Frenchie is always ready for her close up. Her tastes tend to run towards the luxurious — yes, those are Christian Louboutins on her paws — but she also has a penchant for flirting with menswear.
    Follow: @trotterpup

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    PHOTO: sidderoo


    Style: The beloved Shiba Inu of fashion publicist, Sidney Prawatyotin, Eno favors statement-making accessories like this Giles & Brother bracelet that she’s ingeniously reimagined as a necklace.
    Follow: @Sidderoo and

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