These Jeans Contain Actual Coffee Grounds—Here's Why

Meghan Blalock

In the world filled with recycled and repurposed materials, it's not uncommon to hear about denim made from a wide variety of items: plastic, bottle caps, old denim, seatbelts, and everything in between. But forgive us if we never really thought of coffee as a candidate for making jeans—although apparently it is. 

American Eagle just released its much-anticipated AEO Denim X Café collection, a line of jeans made using old coffee grounds. Why, you might ask? There's actually a very good reason.

"Café X uses recycled, otherwise-unusable coffee grounds, giving old coffee new life. The treatment process itself leaves the coffee grounds completely odorless once they become one with your jeans," a release from the brand reads. "In addition to waking you up, coffee has another perk in the form of a natural deodorizing property: the coffee grounds work to absorb odors and are fast-drying."

There you have it! These jeans are sustainable, eco-friendly, and will make you less stinky. Sounds pretty good to us! Keep scrolling to shop the coffee jeans now!

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