The Heartwarming Reason Jennifer Fisher Started Her Jewellery Line

There’s not a celebrity, blogger, or editor on the planet who hasn’t worn a piece of Jennifer Fisher’s jewellery, which is not surprising, considering how insanely cool it all is. Frankly, it’s hard to think of a time when her jewellery wasn’t around. But, of course, that time did exist, and Fisher herself recently opened up to Into the Gloss about the sweet reason her jewellery line got started in the first place:

"I started my line after I had my son. That pregnancy was really tough—I underwent chemotherapy years before for a tumour, so the doctor didn't want me to carry the baby. We tried a surrogate, but that didn't work. Finally, I got pregnant naturally three years after we started trying. When my son was born, I was working as a stylist and wanted something to represent him … but 'mum jewellery' didn't really inspire me. All I wanted was a simple dog tag with his name on it hanging on a long chain. Very simple—so I made one. It was an instant conversation piece. People started asking me 'Will you make me one?' and 'Can you do this?' And at one point, my husband was like 'OK, this is a full business. You need to quit styling and do this.' It’s been nine years since I started designing jewellery—our 10-year anniversary is in September."

Not only is her story touching, but it’s incredibly inspiring, too—a nice reminder that you just never know where life will take you, or how one tiny project could turn into something huge.

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Do you have any jewellery that comes with a touching backstory? Tell us about it in the comments!

Jessica Schiffer
Contributing Editor
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