What No One Tells You About Working in Fashion PR

Working in fashion PR can often seem like a glamorous affair—you get to attend some of the coolest parties, meet major celebrities and designers, and work closely with really awesome brands. But the reality is that you’re working through it all, which means that there’s more going on than meets the eye, and much of it is stressful.

Can anyone forget how a certain Heidi Montag aspired to PR domination on The Hills, only to find that instead of attending all the killer parties, she’d be guarding the doors instead? Well, that’s only the beginning. Though there can be some great perks and lots of PR people truly enjoy their jobs, it’s simply not an easy gig. To find out what really goes on beneath the always-fun façade, we asked two ladies with extensive fashion PR experience to weigh in. Due to the sensitive nature of their comments, they both requested anonymity.

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