Kendall Jenner Is Still Wearing the It Shoes of 2015

Whether you work in the fashion world or you're a passionate observer, you know how fast this industry moves. The trends of what's in and out can cycle so quickly that keeping up can be a bit confusing at times. That's why when a really good one comes along, it's totally okay and even refreshing to hold onto it and incorporate it into your personal style long-term.

Don't believe us? Take Kendall Jenner's word for it. The model just stepped out last week in everyone's favorite shoes from 2015, Gucci's Princetown Fur-Line Mules. This is the best proof yet we've seen of how amazing it can be when a trend sticks around for a bit. While we love that she's still so into the style, we love even more that she gave it such a fresh update by opting for Re/Done's unique no-waist jeans along with a velvet crop top, which we've already declared as the must-have texture for fall. All in all, Kendall Jenner has delivered yet another genius outfit.

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